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Taissa (L) and Vera (R) Farmiga
Despite the 22 year age difference, sisters Vera and Taissa Farmiga have a lot more in common than just genetic coding.  The beautiful and talented Farmiga sisters are also slowly becoming two of the most well-known faces in horror.  Vera Farmiga is known for her roles in ORPHAN, THE CONJURING, and currently plays Norma Bates on the PSYCHO inspired TV series, BATES MOTEL.  Following close behind is little sister Taissa Farmiga, the breakout star of AMERICAN HORROR STORY and the upcoming film MINDSCAPE.

Her skin is like porcelain.
Taissa Farmiga is the youngest of the seven Farmiga children.  Although she had absolutely no interest in acting, she made her on screen debut in 2011 playing the younger version of her sister Vera in the film HIGHER GROUND, which was also Vera Farmiga's directorial debut.  It was after attending the Sundance Film Festival that Taissa decided that she loved acting and wanted to pursue a career.  Shortly after, Taissa Farmiga burst into the homes of millions with her role as Violet Harmon on the first season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY: MURDER HOUSE.  Her portrayal of the angsty teen in a Romeo & Juliet-esque love story with Tate (Evan Peters), a ghost, quickly made her a fan favorite.  The love story between Violet and Tate (Violate to all you shippers out there) became the favorite storyline of the season, and she overwhelmingly became one of the most "giffed" characters on the series.  Although she did not resurface for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM, she's back on the third season AMERICAN HORROR STORY: COVEN as the "black widow" witch, Zoe Benson.  This season also marks the return of "Violate" with the budding love story between Zoe Benson and Frankenboy Kyle Spencer, again portrayed by Evan Peters.  AHS: COVEN has only two more episodes in the season, but Taissa Farmiga has really shown that she can hold her own as an actress, and I hope that the 19-year-old is opened up to new work.  Later this year, Taissa's film MINDSCAPE will premiere in Spain, a film about a man with the ability to enter peoples' memories who takes on the case of a brilliant, troubled sixteen-year-old girl to determine whether she is a sociopath or a victim of trauma.  Taissa Farmiga will play the "troubled sixteen-year-old girl" and I cannot wait to see how she performs.

Vera Farmiga with her trademark smile.
In comparison, the second oldest of the Farmiga siblings has been acting for many, many years.  The Academy Award, BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Emmy award winning actress has an incredible resume of performances.  Known for her work in crime films, and dramas, Vera Farmiga has recently become somewhat of a familiar face for the horror fan.  In 2007, Vera Farmiga dabbled in horror for the first time playing the mother of a sadistic boy in the film JOSHUA.  Two years later, she stepped in the familiar shoes by playing the adoptive mother of a deranged young "girl" in ORPHANORPHAN was given a wider release than JOSHUA, and this performance put Vera Farmiga on the map in the world of genre filmmaking.  Recently, Vera Farmiga blew audiences away with a stunning performance as the real-life Lorraine Warren in THE CONJURING.  However, she's currently continuing to terrify and woo audiences everywhere as the iconic Norma Bates on A&E's BATES MOTEL.  With the exception of flashbacks and PSYCHO IV, BATES MOTEL is the first time we've ever had an in-depth look at Norman's loving mother.  Vera Farmiga has locked herself a place in horror history by personifying the woman who inspired the insanity of one of the most iconic killers in all of cinematic history.


The Farmiga sisters have taken our genre by storm and portrayed characters that will live on for a very long time.  Way to rule.

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Brian said...

Nice entry here for the Farmiga's. I saw both The Conjuring and Orphan, both were excellent films, and I think Orphan really didn't get enough attention.

I know it's not horror, but Vera's also in Up in the Air, where she plays George Clooney's mistress in an excellent performance there.

I love Bates Motel, and I cannot wait for season 2. It starts in March apparently. Hope we won't have to sit through too many Duck Dynasty commercials this year while watching.

Dell said...

This is a very nice post. I'm not familiar with the younger Farmiga (don't watch much TV). I really enjoyed Vera in The Conjuring and Orphan, as well as in a number of non-horror flicks.

Home theater service said...

Farmiga's sister must got it in their genes. Pretty of their movies really stood out among other horror films.

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