Thursday, December 12, 2013


Day of the Woman has never been a feminist blog, but it is a blog written by a feminist.  It has always been the aim of this site to draw attention to the female interpretations and analyses of horror films and genre culture, as the female voice is one that is often silenced by the male majority.  However, the voice of the WoC is marginalized even more so in the horror genre, because there's this weird belief that horror movies are a "white genre."  Thanks to Hannah Neurotica, (the brainchild behind Women In Horror Recognition Month) she's shown me to the website of The Graveyard Shift Sisters.  The site's motto is "Purging the Black Female Horror Fan From The Margins" and I am SO happy that this site has been brought to my attention.  I do my best to remain as educated as possible, but as a white female, it is not my place to be discussing and dissecting the African American experience in horror films.  

The website aims to be "An open space for Black women and other women of color to share their personal experiences and love for horror. To create another challenge to popular perceptions of nerdom, fandom, and most importantly Black female identity in regards to horror. The journalists, novelists, filmmakers, cosplayers, convention goers, and movie fans can tell their stories and challenge horror fandom to be just as progressive and transformative as some of our favorite horror texts."  Hell. Fucking. Yes.  Fellow whitefolk, do yourself a favor and educate yourselves on something I guarantee you don't know shit about.  The articles on this site are written passionately, and intelligently.  

I cannot express how amazing it is that this website exists.  Pardon my ignorance, but this is definitely the first I've ever seen and I'm so thankful to have stumbled upon it.  These women are bringing something absolutely new to the table, and we need to listen

Check out their website at:

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Unknown said...

I'll go check it out now!

Warden Stokely said...

You gals are so out of my league. My daughter just watched a movie on Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Hill, so she is a budding feminist now. Since, I'm doing write-ups on a five disc set I ordered off the tv entitled 50 Horror Classics, I've found that they are not all Horror or Classics, let alone Horror Classics, so I'm afraid, I may not be worthy, at this point, as the most exciting thing about my last two posts have been about mostly about boobs. Probably not the greatest pull for the feminists here. But quite frankly, I find how they differ from decade to decade fascinating, and have decided you could even do a social history just based on how holding them or not, showing them or not, has changed, like I said from decade to decade. So if you visit me, please don't nail me too hard. lol. I swear, once the next "horror classic" and not a Crime or Crime/Adventure presents itself on this set, I'll get back to the horror part. I learn an awful lot from your blog. Your so fucking smart. Good on ya. Until next time...Keep those fires stoked.
Eternally Yours

Oh and thanks for the tip on the graveyard shift sisters. If I didn't feel stupid enough after reading your post, well.....hah.

Unknown said...

Absolutely. As you said, all women are marginalized, but women of color even more so than white women.

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