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Day 2 of our 31 Lists of Halloween has brought me to one of my newest obsessions.  If you follow me on twitter @bjcolangelo, you've probably seen me post about relaxing with podcasts and bubble baths.  There's something rejuvenating about listening to a handful of horror dorks geek out with one another while surrounded by soap and awesome smelling candles.  Maybe I'm just a weirdo, but I've never claimed to be anything else but!  Need something to jam out to on your morning commute? Craving the smartest commentary on horror to help you kill a few hours?  Look no more, because these are the best horror podcasts.  (Well, the best five in my opinion.)

The newest podcast on this list with only 7 episodes, 'We're Gonna Need A Bigger Show' has consistently brought an exciting and incredibly passionate podcast.  Everyone involved on this show between the hosts and the guests are all incredibly excited to talk about the topics at hand.  Not only do they provide kick-ass commentary, but they also host awesome contests and giveaways to die for.  According to their facebook page, "They've come from 20,000 leagues under the sea to bring you the latest and greatest in pop culture. Join Mike D., Cameron Chiles and the ever changing, ever swirling panel of Bigger Show guests as they discuss all things nerdy and true."

The managing editor of, Ryan Turek, and Clarke Wolfe from "Awesome Town," present a podcast from the perspective of two mega-fans with some incredibly sweet horror connections.  Originally hosted solo by Turek, Clarke Wolfe recently joined as his official co-host, and she's knocking it out of the park. Seriously, she's so adorable it's probably a crime.  From their official description on GeekNation, "Hosted by Ryan Turek (of and Clarke Wolfe, this podcast takes an analytical and loving look at horror, both in theaters and on television. Each episode, the two will weigh in on the most significant news in horror, what they’ve been watching, and delve into and discuss a specific theme in horror entertainment (be it the best backwoods killers and why they work, or strong patriarchal figures in horror), but they do so with a fun and insightful approach."

Straight out of Detroit, 'The Projection Booth' boasts to be "The Ultimate Movie Podcast."  Releasing new episodes every Wednesday, 'The Projection Booth' sheds light on beloved films that many of us have forgotten, both horror and non.  It amazes me how vast the cinematic knowledge of Mike White and Rob St. Mary expands.  Seriously, these two have seen EVERYTHING.  Highly opinionated, but incredibly intelligent, 'The Projection Booth' is a must-listen for fans of cult film.

Taking the fictional cable television show from Holliston and turning it into a weekly podcast, 'The Movie Crypt with Green & Lynch' is hands-down the greatest tool for any future filmmaker.  Don't get me wrong, the guests are always big names in the horror community and the duo tell hilarious stories from their lives, but it's the education that comes from their "no bones about it" honesty about the filmmaking business that leads this podcast to be an incredible asset.  The podcasts can be a little on the lengthy side, but if you want to make movies, listen to them. They tell you the way it is and offer incredibly valuable advice.  Follow @Adam_Fn_Green on twitter for a chance to be a part of VIEWER MAAAAAAAAAIL!

Don't you just want to be their best friend?

Without a doubt, the best horror podcast available is 'Killer POV.'  Hosted by Rob G. from Icons of Fright & FEARnet, Rebekah McKendry of FANGORIA, and Elric Kane of JumpCut Cafe & Inside Horror, these three are the three of the smartest and most entertaining voices of the horror genre.  What makes 'Killer POV' so entertaining aren't just the guests (who are consistently awesome) but the undeniable passion and love these three share for the genre.  These three individuals are remarkably well versed in the genre and offer insightful criticisms and some of the best recommendations for films you'll ever hear.  If you're not impatiently waiting each Friday for the drop of the new podcast, you're not doing it right.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully this (terrific) list won't be deluged with the usual fanboy idiots commenting "Cool, but you forgot ______."

Do the right thing, geeks.

WCP said...

Thanks for the heads-up on "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Show," and as much as I hate to, as per Anonymous, I really have to bring up the Horroretc. Podcast. They've been at it for 6 years, and if you're not a listener, you're missing out on a couple of seriously thoughtful dudes when it comes to horror and genre stuff...

Chris said...

Not saying "you forgot_____" etc, just pointing out that 40 oz. of horror is a great podcast too. For anyone interested in a little horror talk mixed with drunken humor. Definitely worth the listen.

Mike White said...

Thank you so much for the kind words on The Projection Booth!

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