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HAPPY OCTOBER, Y'ALL!  October is undoubtedly my favorite time of the year.  It's the one month of the year where everyone else tries to get on the spooky bandwagon that we cool kids drive year round.  While it's nice to be able to find new home decor for dirt cheap and everything becomes pumpkin flavored, it's incredibly obnoxious to be bombarded by our non-horror friends for advice and film suggestions.  Don't get me wrong, thanks for thinking I'm your Halloween guru, but I do exist more than just 1/12 of the year.  Anyway, I've been completely MIA as of late because I got a gig working with The Studio On Mars, hosted a film festival, caught some form of what felt like the Black Plague, and then directed my first short film.  I've been a busy lady.  However, October is my favorite part of the year, so I want to challenge myself to do 31 lists for the 31 days of October all having to do with horror films and the frequently asked movie recommendations I get all month.  To start it off, THE BEST HALLOWEEN KID FLICKS!

First of all, make sure your kids don't believe in Santa Claus before showing them this film, or you're about to have a very awkward conversation a few months before the "happiest time of the year."  GREMLINS is a beloved film that I consider to be the family's favorite monster movie.  A bit darker than a typical kid's movie, but still accessible enough for the bravest of the little ones.
Animation is often reserved for children's movies but are notoriously also able to throw some entertaining bones for adults that fly over the heads of little ones.  PARANORMAN is a fantastic example of this practice.  Funny lines, clever references, and wonderful voice acting, PARANORMAN is one of my favorite kiddie horror films in the last few years. 
Awesome 80s monster extravaganza, THE MONSTER SQUAD is one of the best gateway horror films for younger ones.  It feels like the lovechild of THE GOONIES and ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, but has one-liners for all ages to enjoy.  The kids are a little rougher around the edges, but they're a far more realistic portrayal of the modern kid.  Unless you've completely sheltered your children from everything "taboo," there's a good chance the kids are going to identify with these little twerps.  
The Sanderson Sisters may go down in history as the most famous witches of all time.  The personification of every witch mythos in the book with a pinch of Disney humor, HOCUS POCUS stands the test of time and keeps audiences laughing after all these years.
It's strange, but there are kids everywhere that already know "Who You Gonna Call?" without ever having seen the film.  GHOSTBUSTERS  is far more comedy than horror, but the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and Slimer are two monsters that kids can both fear as well as love.  Too bad they don't make Slimer Hi-C punch anymore.
Every kid knows of the house to avoid come time for Trick or Treating, so MONSTER HOUSE is right out of the realistic fears inside the mind of every child.  Great visual fx and just cartoony enough to not instill nightmares, MONSTER HOUSE is a must see for the Halloween season.
Even if we're drifting to non-horror type films, Tim Burton films still combine horror elements regardless of genre.  His films are strange enough to be scary, but not so grotesque as to be rated R.  Between animation and color styling, Tim Burton's filmography is suitable for all ages for Halloween.

  • The Addams Family Movies
  • The Goonies
  • The Dark Crystal
  • The Witches
  • Hotel Transylvania
  • Goosebumps Films
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • Critters
  • Ghoulies
  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Tower of Terror

7 comment(s):

Christine Hadden said...

Well thank heavens someone else is doing lists every day this month! We decided to take a break from it this year at FWF, so I say yay to you and good luck at not completely losing your mind by the end of the month!

Brian said...

Yay! Someone else likes ParaNorman! I saw that movie opening weekend and I laughed like a madman!

Did you see Coraline? That's good too. Henry Selick has quite the artistic vision as does Neil Gaiman. You might also want to check out MirrorMask though that one is a bit more fantasy than horror.

Bonus points for the Monster Squad.

Wendell said...

Very nice list. One bone to pick: Monster House absolutely caused a nightmare in one of my kids!

vicious val said...

Great list! I started my "31 days of horror" yesterday with The Monster Squad. And what's funny is someone was just asking me if The Goonies counted as a movie to watch during Halloween. I say sure! Why not?

Agata Stasiak said...

Oh yes! Hocus Pocus!
I'm so excited to watch it!
Aaaand Gremlins still freaks me out.

Abra Cadaver said...

Such a great list! I always marathon Goosebumps for the nostalgic purposes. Gremlins is another favorite, but I usually watch that one closer to Christmas.

Sasha said...

Love Hocus Pocus and Hotel Transylvania! Also, Dark Shadows is great!

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