Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Mike Dobrzelecki (I promise you, you're saying it wrong) is one strange bird.  Paying homage to the exploitation films of the '70s and '80s, Die, Develkok, Die! is a love letter to all of the subgenres that keep the horror genre scaring housewives all across the country.

The story follows Terry Develkok (Chad Laha), a man just coasting through life growing increasingly unsatisfied with where he's ended up.  In an attempt to end it all, he soon discovers that he is invincible.  Terry Develkok can not die.  Determined to use this discovery for the betterment of humanity, Develkok is thrown on an adventure that quickly shifts gears from an exploitative horror film, into a superhero gorefest of vigilante justice against the scum of the streets.  A little on the shorter side for a feature, Develkok is a quick trip down memory lane for fans of old-school horror.  Dobrzelecki (or Mike D as he is known) truly has a deep and abiding love for splatter, exploitation, and the films of yesteryear, and the writing and style of Die, Develkok, Die! prove that with every last frame.

Develkok could have been improved upon, as could all films, but this independent feature has a whole lot of good wrapped up in it.  For one thing, the practical fx are extremely impressive.  The wound that follows Terry Develkok's attempted suicide is absolutely SICK, and it's all homemade.  Mike D was the man behind the makeup brush as well, which gave a nice sense of continuity between the characters.  The gore is gross-out at moments and the over-the-top sound effects that accompany the gore add just the right "umph" to cross the line from cheap to entertaining.  Mike D. loves his gore, and he makes  it very well.

If I had to pick one thing to gripe about, it would probably have to be the through line of Terry Develkok.  This film has an array of colorful villains for Terry Develkok to do battle with, but they tend to take over his story.  Had this film had a similar balance to that of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, I think Die, Develkok, Die! would have been a remarkably stronger film.  However, this gripe doesn't break the film, not by a long shot.  This charming little indie flick still remains to be a fun view and a nice look back at the films that sparked the way we do horror today.   Die, Develkok, Die! may not be a perfect picture, but it's truly a passion project and a solid effort by a couple of filmmakers in Murfreesboro, TN. For more information, “Like” the Die, Develkok, Die!'s Facebook page and stay tuned for Mike D.’s next film, Terms, already in pre-production.

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Drew Grimm Van Ess said...

I haven't seen Scott Pilgrim vs The World yet, still, haha. I actually think this looks really interesting from the pics and what you've just said about it. I'll check it out.

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