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Blah. Blah. Blah. Plagiarism. Blah. Blah. Blah. Quentin Tarantino. Blah. Blah. Blah. We get it. Everyone has been talking about a rising female horror journalist with a high-profile boyfriend that recently got busted for stealing from other writers and pawning them off as her own work. Quite frankly, as furious as I am, I'm sick of talking about it. She doesn't deserve the amount of free publicity (there's no such thing as bad publicity) she's getting for being a shitty journalist, and I'm not going to be the one who gives her anymore. The hard work of others was taken for granted and it is cruelly unfair that a thief will forever be a name we all remember, and there are individuals that still remain in the shadows.  I want to be furious, I want to dedicate an entire article talking about how unforgivable the act of plagiarism is, but a thief is not worthy of my energy or analysis.  At this time, I think the important action to take is to direct your attention to women that are far more worthy of your time and attention.  The plagiarist in question has taken away opportunities from other women who are far more talented, and clearly, much more genuine than Miss "Pen-Name from a 1968 black comedy." Instead of bitching and moaning about this plagiarist, it's time to replace her.  Considering you're reading my blog, you're already off to a good start! I'm not going to bore you with my credentials, because I've already gotten you on this page, and that's good enough for me.

Arguably the hardest working female horror journalist in the game, Rebekah McKendry is a trailblazer for female horror journalists everywhere.  Currently the Director of Marketing for FANGORIA magazine (meaning she does just about all of the work behind the scenes), one of the hosts of KILLER POV, the mind behind FEARnet's panel The Unseen, and a contributor to, well, everyone, Rebekah McKendry exudes intelligence, passion, and creativity with everything she does.  She recently hosted the Q & A panel at the Viscera Film Festival, and she's a brand-new Mommy. She's truly an inspiration and more than deserving for all that she has achieved.

Known as The Executive Director of Service & Sass for FRIGHT-RAGS, Kristy was also a runner-up for the Rondo Award this year for "Best Writer."  Kristy is someone I would consider to be a professional fangirl, and has channeled her love for the genre into an impressive career.  Currently, she is a contributor to HorrorHound Magazine, FEARnet, and Rue Morgue Magazine. In the past, Kristy has written for Bloody Disgusting, Dread Central, Fangoria, Famous Monsters of Filmland, Strange Kids Club, Cashiers du Cinemart.  Kristy is also associate producing (and heading P.R.) for Before The Mask, and the spearheader and producer of the retrospective documentary for the film Popcorn.

Dread Central contributing writer and founder of the CineMayhem Film Festival, Heather Wixon is more commonly known on the interwebs (and twitter, can't forget twitter) as "The Horror Chick." Along with writing, she's also previously acted as the Content Editor for Dread Central.  Last year, as a Chicago native (*high fives*) she returned to the Windy City to co-host Flashback Weekend, Chicago's biggest and baddest horror convention of the year.  She's got producing, acting, and directing credits on her imdb resume, and recently nabbed a gig for Marketing, Distribution & Digital Media for Imagination Worldwide.

Back from her short hiatus, Stacie Ponder, the mastermind behind the smash-hit blog Final Girl, contributor to AMC, artist, and all around hilarious woman is revered by many.  Stacie writes with a sense of humor that is completely unique to her style, but still manages to be understood and adored by all walks of horror life.  Stacie is unapologetically honest with her interpretations and manages to balance entertainment with intelligence unlike any other writer.

This dynamic duo represents the beauty and brains behind The Faculty of Horror podcast.  Alexandra West writes for Famous Monsters of Filmland and Rue Morgue Magazine. Andrea Subissati writes for Rue Morgue, contributes to the Rue Morgue Podcast, and has written the book, When There’s No More Room In Hell: The Sociology Of The Living Dead.

Mother of the outstanding blog, Fascination with Fear, Christine Hadden puts a lens on horror films from an entirely original perspective.  Known for her unique weekly features, powerhouse lists, and remarkably intelligent interpretations of the horror genre, Christine is a relatively unknown voice deserving of far more accolades than what she's been given.  A former contributor to The Blood Sprayer, Christine is currently a contributing writer for FANGORIA.

Acting as the current Associate Editor of Rue-Morgue Magazine, April Snellings is a filmmaking graduate of UNC School of the Arts.  Not only does April edit Rue-Morgue, she's also a contributing writer for the magazine as well as for Metro Pulse. (focusing on film and comic books!)  A self-proclaimed "word nerd," April Snellings consistently provides excellent reading material for horror fans everywhere.

Queen of awesome hair and writer of just about every form of media, Staci Layne Wilson dominates the horror journalism circuit.  One of the hosts of the live show, "Inside Horror," Staci  has also participated as a commentator for numerous television shows and documentaries.  Formerly, she's worked for for AOL/Time-Warner, SyFy, Yahoo! Movies, theStream.tv, Horror.com & L’Ecran Fantastique.  Staci has written both fiction and non-fiction books, and also works as a screenwriter.  Not just a journalist, Staci has also directs/produces films and music videos.  Seriously though, her hair is always awesome.

When it comes to smart women in horror journalism, you can't get much more knowledgeable than Andre Dumas.  Founder and writer of the popular blog The Horror Digest and unofficial Martha MacIsaac look-a-like,  no one writes like Andre.  Andre writes 100% and purely from the heart, and her personality shines through with every single word.  A former contributor to The Blood Sprayer, Andre is currently the Associate Editor for Planet Fury.  

Managing Editor for Rue-Morgue Magazine, Monica Kuebler is also the brain behind Rue-Morgue's  "Library Of The Damned book column" and is currently attempting to expand Rue-Morgue to also covering the horror gaming industry. She has represented Rue-Morgue for many documentaries and TV series including onscreen interviews in History Channel’s The Real Vampire Files and Pretty Bloody: The Women of Horror.  According to her website, "Monica is the founder and editor-in-chief of BURNING EFFIGY PRESS, where she is the sole curator of the company’s celebrated genre chapbook line."  A creative writer as well as journalist, Monica is currently working on her young adult horror/fantasy saga Blood Magic.

The bio-mechanical Frankenlady of Chicago, Illinois, Kreepylady Kristin is one of the Midwest's greatest horror journalism asset.  The founder of The Chicago Creepster, Kreepylady Kristin has been heavily involved with Dark Chicago, Horror Society, and contributes to Chicago NOW as a film critic.  Kristin is one of the most recognizable figures in the Midwest horror community, and is genuinely one of the kindest women I've ever had the pleasure to know.

Of course I can't feature EVERY amazing female horror journalist, because quite frankly, there's too many of us.  They may not be featured, but I encourage everyone to also track down Charlotte Stear, Debi Moore, Liisa LaDouceur, Lyda Peever, Tristian Risk, Britt Hayes, Alison Nastasi, Hannah Neurotica, Killer Kalyn, and Tenebrous Kate. 

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Pearce said...

Thanks for the tips! I read/listen to most of them already, but a few are new to me (because I am ignorant and lazy). I agree - once a plagiarist is exposed, ignore them and concentrate on those doing good original work!

James C. Sugrue said...

I love Stacie Ponder. Especially because Stacie writes with a sense of humor that is completely unique to her style, but still manages to be understood and adored by all walks of horror life. Stacie is unapologetically honest with her interpretations and manages to balance entertainment with intelligence unlike any other writer.

Annie Riordan said...

Hey, I hear that the girls over at Brutal As Hell are cool too! And they're not above shamelessly plugging themselves.

April said...

This is fantastic. What an honor to see my name on your blog, in the company of such amazing ladies. Thank you!

BJ Colangelo said...

@Annie: Give me names!

Annie Riordan said...

Me. Keri O'Shea. Kit Rathnar. Nia Edwards-Behi and Stephanie Scaife.

Pearce said...

Actually, what about Emily at The Deadly Doll's House of Horror Nonsense?

Scott W. Davis said...

Great list! But you simply must include Heidi Honeycutt of Planet Etheria (formerly Pretty Scary). Not only is she a fantastic journalist, but she is devoted to spreading the word about women filmmakers in the genre.

Alyse said...

You forgot Alyse Wax at FEARnet! ;)

jervaise brooke hamster said...

I want to shove my willy up all they`re bums.

BJ Colangelo said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
jervaise brooke hamster said...

Little darlin` it goes without saying that i`ve always wanted to bugger you senseless ever since the first time i ever saw you ! ! !.

Emma said...

Kudos, Ms. Colangelo, on bringing some positive light to an otherwise negative story.
We should definitely be focusing our energies on celebrating the good guys in the business, rather than continually tearing down somebody who's already dug their own grave.
As for the names missed on the list? Well, we can all agree that this is not a definitive list - and I'm sure BJC would agree. This is but a handful of the great women working in horror journalism. If there's somebody that you think is worthy of cherrleading, get out there and do it. Take to your social media outlets and spread the good word on someone who rocks your world. Sending angry e-mails to BJC saying "why isn't so-and-so here?" does nothing and only contributes to the already negative and snarky attitude that's far too prevalent on the internet already. Be a cheerleader. Support those you deem worthy of support. A little more positivity in our circle is always a good thing.


Unknown said...

Awesome post! Glad to see these awesome ladies in journalism getting recognition they deserve, and ignoring those that stole their way to the top.

Court said...

Thank you for this excellent post. So many amazing women here!

teddy crescendo said...

BJ, for technical reasons i couldn`t get access to the interveiw with Zach Galligan, i just wondered w-HEATHER he said anything about acting alongside the legendary Heather O`Rourke in the 1985 TV Movie "Surviving" ?, i remember a famous still from the set of that movie with Heather sitting on Zachs lap and Zach kissing her (the lucky sod), i bet that was THE most thrilling and exciting mo-girl-t of his life, Heather really was the stuff that dreams are made of and being in a movie with her must`ve been truly incredible (for all the other cast members not just Zach).

LyndaJW said...

Congratulations to all these young, talented women. While these ladies have made their mark because of their talent, not their gender, it's wise to remember that a gender point of view is legitimate, too.

But I'm here to remind you that you left off an important writer, without whom none of these ladies would have been able to break through the glass wall of the boys club to gain the well-earned respect they have today.

I'm speaking of Jessie Lilley. Currently the editor of Mondo Cult Magazine, a highly-respected, Rondo-nominated publication, Jessie founded Scarlet Street long before anyone thought women could cut it in this industry. She also was the publisher of Worldly Remains, editor of Famous Monsters of Filmland and Cinefantastique. Please remember her whenever you're thinking of influential, talented Women in Horror. She's the mama of us all!

LyndaJW said...

Oh, and I almost forgot. Jessie was inducted this year into Rondo's Monster Kid Hall of Fame. :)

Anonymous said...

April Snellings is the bomb.

William S. Wilson said...

Brilliant post! I shared it on this forum because you got me thinking about how no one has listed the victims of the offender.


BJ Colangelo said...



Tom Clark said...

Top shelf post/list. Some familiar names and a good number of individuals whose stuff I’ve yet to read so thanks a ton for posting this. Its always great to discover new reading material from those who actually have a real passion for this stuff as opposed to peddling an image over actual content.

Jessie Lilley said...

What a neat blog, and thanks for including me in your updated list! Wonderful to know I'm still relevant. LOL! But BJ, your link to Part 2 isn't working here on the comments. Probably not important really, but I thought I'd mention.

Quite an honor to be included. Thank you very much.

Unknown said...

I have been a fan of the darkly delightful work of Staci Layne Wilson for years now! She's all kinds of awesome-sauce!!

Anonymous said...

For the WIN!! Smack down!! Wonderful and fabulous!! As a former Spiderbaby Koolaid drinker I am SO happy to move on to better writers and better people. THANK YOU!

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