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In celebration of "Hatchet Day," the release of Hatchet III, it was only fitting to crown producer/writer/director/actor, Sarah Elbert as the Woman of the Week.  The folks on the production end of films tend to fly under the radar, but Sarah Elbert deserves the utmost praise and promotion for her work.  Sarah Elbert played a major role in helping Adam Green and company bring life to Victor Crowley, and spark one of the most successful independent horror franchises in recent history.  In a recent interview with Dread Central, Will Barratt said of Elbert, "I think Sarah had the imagination there. When we shot the mock trailer, she saw no reason why this little movie wouldn't be a huge blockbuster hit. I think she believed in it even more than me or Adam! Adam and I were just happy to be shooting the trailer, with the hopes of someday shooting the feature." To put it simply, the Hatchet franchise may not be where it is today had it not been for Sarah Elbert.  Sarah Elbert has produced all three of the Hatchet films as well as Holliston, YouCube, and a series of shorts focusing on Charlotte's Web and stalking situations a la Misery.  Sarah Elbert is an incredible asset to the genre and an inspiration to women.

Sarah Elbert talking at Chicago Fear Fest

It feels a little sad that in 2013, I still have to draw attention to people simply for being women, but the fact that Sarah Elbert has not only successfully invaded the "boy's club" of horror as something other than an actress is a pretty huge deal.  Sarah Elbert didn't get to where she is because she's a woman, but because she's a damn good producer with a strong eye for the future success of projects.  I'll admit my ignorance in that it wasn't until Holliston that I realized who this incredible woman was.  For fans of the show, you may know her as "Sarah the waitress" (and she's also got a cameo in the first Hatchet as "vomiting girl") I thought her performance as "Sarah the waitress" was pretty hilarious (and I would punch a baby for that damn sailor dress) but after a little IMDB stalking, I found her impressive credits and was totally blown away.  If I could be so blunt, Sarah Elbert is who I want to be when I grow up.

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Watch a video of Sarah Elbert talking Hatchet below

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