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Nothing kills a horror movie faster than bad music.  Horror has been the start to many budding acting careers and has inspired some of the most iconic imagery in film history.  Even if people have never seen The Shining or The Exorcist, everyone knows of the Grady sisters' conversations with Danny in the hallways or demon possessed little girls projectile vomiting.  It only makes sense that musicians have tapped into these iconic scenes and paid homage to them by basing music videos off of horror films.  I present to you: the best horror movie music videos.

NOTE: I'm not including "Thriller" because the thing is a short film in itself and if you don't already appreciate the glory of it, you're an idiot.

Miles Fisher-This Must Be The Place

Miles Fisher completely blew people away with his cover of the Talking Heads' "This Must Be The Place."  While the cover is really catchy and fun to jam out to, it was Fisher's eerily accurate imitation of Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman in American Psycho that garnered so much attention.  Bret Easton Ellis, the author of the American Psycho novel tweeted at Lionsgate (who have plans to remake the original film) that he will only give his blessing if the remake stars Kardashian babydaddy, Scott Disick or Miles Fisher.

Rob Zombie-Living Dead Girl

It's no surprise that Rob Zombie knows his way around a horror film or two, but before he was cranking out his "Firefly" films or re-imaging the world of Michael Myers, Rob Zombie was a musician directing his own videos.  Horror plays a vital role in a majority of his music videos, but his homage to The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is arguably his strongest.  Starring his wife, (at the time, girlfriend) Sheri Moon Zombie, this video not only shows his passion for the genre, but gave an early peek at his future filmmaking style.

My Chemical Romance-Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for the Two of Us

A low budget effort for the (at the time) up-and-coming band's second single, My Chemical Romance pays homage to the infamous Takashi Mike film, Audition.  It's important to note that this band released this video long before MTV got a hold of them and turned them loose on the myspace emo kids of the mid 2000s, but it's nice to see what appeared to be an underground band flashing their horror street cred.

Backstreet Boys-Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

Hate on the addition of a boy band all you want, this is one of my favorite music videos of all time.  The video is clearly inspired by Michael Jackson's "Thriller" and the classic days of Universal monsters.  The makeup is fabulous and the concept is fantastic. Judge me if you so choose, this music video is incredible.

 30 Seconds to Mars-The Kill

 Anyone who is willing to tackle replicating the film perfection of Stanley Kubrick gets an automatic gold star in my book.  To take inspiration and add a rock and roll twist to The Shining, that gets a gold medal.  Jared Leto has acted in a handful of horror films, but imitating ol' Jack after all work and no play may be his best performance.

There are of course, plenty that I am forgetting, but these five are some of the most incredible homages to the films we love so much.  Give them a listen and list off your favorites in the comment section. 

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Franklin said...

You overlooked Kate Bush's "Experiment IV."

titania86 said...

Drag queen Ben delaCreme has a great music video with homages to the Human Centipede, Misery, Silence of the Lambs, among others. The song is hilarious.

The Yeah Yeah Yeah's have a horror inspired video for their song Heads Will Roll.

Marie Robinson said...

loved this piece!

Marvin the Macabre said...

What? No Dokken's Dream Warriors? It's the only reason I've kept my VHS copy of Elm St.3.

Oh wait, this is about the best videos rather than the most unintentionally hilarious.

Richard of DM said...

I've always liked the video for Health's "Die Slow". It gets bloody!

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