Monday, March 11, 2013


A brilliant artist, a beautiful soul, and a great friend to the Chicago horror and burlesque community was tragically taken from us.  On Saturday, March 2nd, Lisa Koziol-Ellis (more commonly known to the Chicago scene as "Foxy Goat") was found fatally stabbed in her home.  An artist, a jewelry maker, and one of the most sincerely delightful people to walk the earth, Lisa was undeserving of this swift demise, but deserves the utmost justice.  Friends, family, and loved ones of Foxy have begun a campaign to raise money for a bounty to anyone with information regarding Lisa's homicide. After quickly achieving their $5,000 goal, they have now raised their goal to $15,000 in the hopes that someone with information will come forward and help bring her killer to justice.  This isn't a shameless plug for some random kickstarter campaign, this is a call to arms to help put this incredible woman at peace.
For more information, 

Anyone with information is being urged to contact police at (847) 695-4195 or (847) 289-2700.
photo credit: Brian C. Janes

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JD (Rev) Chicagodom said...

Thank you for posting this!


Jenny Krueger said...

This is tragic. The world is full of sick bastards.

Eleonora Usher-Rigby said...

I'm going to post this on the Missing and Endangered persons page where I am an admin. Although she isn't "missing," this story should be known.
Missing and Endangered Persons Worldwide Bulletin Page

JD (Rev) Chicagodom said...

Thank you for posting this. A $15,000 reward was formally announced today for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

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