Friday, February 15, 2013


This may be leaning towards the more stereotypical side of Women In Horror month, but I will admit my second X chromosome was doing a freak out when I saw these images. David and Phillip Blond are a design duo who have dressed some of the most iconic looks on celebrities like Rihanna and Lady GaGa.  Their style is 'unique' to say the least, but their Fall 2013 line will have women in horror everywhere losing their minds.  It's no surprise that when it comes to horror garb, men have it much easier than women.  Popular horror t-shirt companies are a wonderful asset, but unless we want to wear a rockabilly style patterned dress, the more feminine looking horror clothing options are slim to none.  Not to say there is anything wrong with a zombie pin-up patterned dress, but sometimes I want to look a little more modern.  The Blonds are known for putting out clothing that is a bit more extreme for the average gal, (and far more expensive than my minimum wage budget will allow) but maybe the positive feedback for their line will promote more mainstream clothing companies to crank out some scary attire.  Seriously, I want that Shining dress. I want it really, really badly.  Below are a few more pieces from their Slasher Sashay line.

A knife printed A-line? Yes please!

This looks a bit "Patricia Bateman," what say you?

A walking victim, with elegance.

This looks like a modernization of The Birds to me.!

It's as if Morticia Addams was cast in Death Becomes Her
This Psycho printed dress is so beautiful I want to rub it on my face.

5 comment(s):

Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

OMG I am seriously in love!!

Amy Lee said...

That 'birds' dress is amazing. I want to sell a kidney and buy it. Perhaps I will pair it with that incredible shower curtain coat... *sigh*

DrunkethWizerd said...

The "walking victim" one is downright amazing! Sexy too. ;)

Vicki Mihn said...

Amazing! It's about time someone made such beautiful clothes inspired by horror icons!

Marie Robinson said...

This is awesome, I wish I could buy these!!

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