Wednesday, February 20, 2013


As part of Women In Horror Recognition month, I'd like to spread some spotlight to one of the biggest horror nerds in the world. A little girl named Fiona. This fundraiser was brought to my attention by Kristy Jett, the Executive Director of Service and Sass at FRIGHT-RAGS. To put it simply, it's a fundraiser to encourage the joy of horror in the lives of two little kids. Kristy met Fiona when she was even littler than she is now and before her little brother Damian was even born.  

Little Fiona even writes and directs her own movies.  This is a crucial point in a child's life where we should be nurturing and encouraging these types of passions.  For Fiona and Damian, horror is their passion.   

2012 was an especially hard year on their family financially and right now, at the start of 2013 things are very tight. What Kristy is wanting to do is be able to get these kids to Monster Mania. Going to conventions is their world and what better act of kindness than to get these blooming horror nerds a chance to experience one of the biggest events of horror fandom?  Going to a convention for a horror fan is better than Disney World.  Help this little girl and her little brother get to Monster Mania, and be a part of encouraging a soon-to-be woman in horror.  


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FrightMom said...

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting this! It's an amazing thing to get to see the creativity flowing through these kids every day and the fact that there is an entire community that embraces that as we do is awesome. Words can not even express how incredible this is!

As soon as she gets the details down, her next film is going to blow people away! We'll keep you posted :)

Anonymous said...

your a dumb bitch. go join a women's convent and leave horror to men. your only purpose is to be a nice set of tits to kill off. looks like your half way there bitch.

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