Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I'm more than positive that this is the second year in a row that I have forgotten about my own daughter's birthday, and in times like this, I am thankful that John Hughes never got a hold of my life to make a movie out of.  Regardless, Day of the Woman is officially four years (and one week) old.  I was only eighteen years old when I started Day of the Woman, and it is because of you readers that I have been able to continue.  I'd like to take this time to thank each and every one of you that has ever read a blog post, made a comment, shared an article, or sent me an email suggesting topics.  While DotW is my baby, it is also an environment that I want to be heavily influenced by its readers.  You choose the content, I just try to satisfy you.  Thank you again for your continued support from a girl who started a blog as a means to not develop cabin fever in a dorm room, but was given an entirely new lifestyle that is helping shape the rest of my future.  I wouldn't be the same person without each and every one of you. Thank-you. I mean it. Peace, love & braaaaains.

5 comment(s):

Verdant Earl said...

Good for you! Keep on bloggin'!

Chris Hewson said...

Great work getting to four years! You have one awesome blog!

Christine Hadden said...

Congrats and much love, as always. x

Fefe said...

Happy Birthday "DotW"!!! I love your blog!!!

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