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Hey folks, sorry I've been away. This past week I began my final semester of my undergraduate career! I've finally gotten myself readjusted and working back in the swing of things.  It's been a pretty big last couple of weeks in the horror world so I figured I'd shed some light on the things I'm most excited about and see what you all have to say about it as well.

It would appear that my video on "Fake Geek Girls: Horror Edition" has caused quite a bit of an uproar within the horror blogosphere.  I've been met with a great deal of praise from other women (and men) who have either been victim or witness to this sort of treatment and were relieved to see someone speak up on the manner.  On the other hand, I've also been notified of some people (predominately men...okay, they were all men) that disagreed with my video so strongly, so passionately, that the felt the need to write half hour reading worthy articles dedicated to bashing not only my opinion, but my personality, my appearance, my integrity as a writer, my intelligence, and yes, my horror street cred.  Look, I can deal with differing opinions, that's why they're called opinions, but when someone goes from criticizing my opinion to making personal attacks...that's just cowardly bullshit. If you see things like that happening, please let me know where you see them so I can quickly eradicate the situation. I would be greatly appreciative.

Word on the street is that the new EVIL DEAD re-whateveritis has absolutely zero CGI special FX within it. I'm a little skeptical about whether or not that's actually true, but at the very least, that means there will be a ton of practical effects.  Practical FX in my opinion will always, always, ALWAYS be superior to their CGI counterparts.  Movies have been getting a little carried away with the CGI as of late, and practical FX will be a breath of fresh air.  I'm not saying CGI is the devil, it can be rather lovely when in the right hands and used properly, but I'd rather see buckets of corn syrup and latex before some weird digital effect. The trailers have been giving me a total nerdboner and I cannot even measure the level of anticipation I have for the tree scene.  If there isn't any CGI with that tree, I want to have the babies of whoever made it...because it looks incredible.

Speaking of impressive make-up jobs, can we discuss how incredible the transformation for Naomi Grossman to Pepper from this season of American Horror Story? Holy Hell in a hand basket.  I admit that I'm going to admit I'm rather ignorant when it comes to the body of work for this particular actress, but when I finally did a little online searching to see who she was, I was blown out of the water.  This transformation is absolutely incredible and the makeup design team for this show is extremely talented.

Our favorite horror T-Shirt company, FRIGHT-RAGS has been unleashing hints on the images for their next series of horror tees. This one above appears to be the Stephen King classic, Misery and they will be dropping hints over the next two weeks as to the next shirts to make arrival.  Go on over to the official Fright-Rags facebook page and see if you can figure out what they're bringing to the table!

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Anelis said...

I'd like to read those horror blogs that had the nerve to make personal attacks to you about the FGG video. I read some horror blogs but thankfully I seem to have chosen them wisely because I haven't stumbled upon posts with unabashed sexism so far ~achievement unlocked, apparently~.
I find it mind boggling because I kinda am a horror, geek feminist and I found your video almost...mild and never would have thought that it could cause such reactions.

Anyway, I've been regularly reading your blog for 3 years but I never comment, mostly because it's hard to eloquently express in English my opinions and thoughts as I would in my native language. This post got me thinking about the silent majority and how it shouldn't be so damn silent anymore because we need a pluralism of opinions and shouldn't just let the privileged straight white male and ignorant ones prevail without at least an answer. I found your video pretty cool but since this is what I have learned to expect from you I didn't feel any need to comment but hearing about the backlash you got I became furious, mostly at myself.

So in short; You're awesome and I'm gonna try to comment more.

Jack J said...

G'day. I found your blog because of a comment by a guy called Brian Solomon on a blog called "Skræk og rædsel". I followed the link and among his "my blogs" I found THIS blog (!). Uhh, what's the connection? Are you Brian Solomon? You certainly don't look like a guy called Brian Solomon. Haha. Anyhoo, your blog looks brilliant. I watched your two latest videos and yeah that must truly suck to be treated in such a crappy way simply because of your gender. Flick 'em the bird and don't worry about it.
/best regards, Jack

Rob said...

A few things:

1) Not to downplay the makeup effects and whatnot, but Naomi Grossman is sort of odd-looking anyway. She's certainly not a pinhead, but she does have very severe features that make her an ideal candidate for "character actor" roles. I'm just floored that a television show actually features a pinhead character! Gooble gobble!!

2) Back when I was in school, REAL nerds were socially maladjusted misfits who were often targets of bullying and general disdain from the school population in general. Think: Carrie White without the telekinesis. The modern "nerd culture" phenomenon is empowering, in a way, because it embraces the notion that people need not be outcasts just because they have oddball tastes in popular culture. However, looking at it another way, it's merely another clique label that people can use to judge and ostracize your rant seems to prove. In all reality, a sizable portion of self-proclaimed "nerds" these days would never truly be ostracized in a social setting...they're just overly enthusiastic about whatever topic they happen to be obsessed with. I think the whole notion of "gamer nerds" or "horror nerds" trivializes a label that, to the kids who have been truly deemed as such, can actually be psychologically damaging and something that stays with someone for the rest of their life. No matter what kind of movies or comic books Natalie Portman likes, for example, she isn't a nerd. She's a beautiful and intelligent woman who probably has never been a subject of true ridicule in her entire life.

3) You write extremely well, have what seems to be a good personality, and are attractive. Who gives a rat's ass what certain members of the "blogosphere" thinks? You have to deal with them like you would Rush Limbaugh. Be aware that they exist and acknowledge that they have a right to their opinion, but also realize that it's ultimately up to you to ignore their ignorant bullshit and move on.

Rock on!

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