Monday, January 7, 2013


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Yes, I did say "she must be someone's boyfriend".
Check out albinwonderland's amazing video on the subject of Fake Geek Girls

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Kweeny Todd said...


titania86 said...

Epic rant! I bring my non-horror fan boyfriend with me to a lot of screenings and conventions and he looks like the typical horror fan. Everyone's mind is always blown when I am actually the fan. Why don't people just think any woman can like horror? You'd think with all the woman horror actresses, directors, writers, bloggers, etc. that women would be more accepted as fans.

And if Lola Stone can wear a pink dress, you sure as hell should be able to wear pink without getting judged.

Heather said...

You hit the nail right on the fucking head!!!

cheesemeister (too lazy to log in) said...

YES!!!! That has been my problem with the horror and sci-fi genres forEVER! Women are basically eye candy. This is going to the sci-fi genre specifically, but even the two most (okay, pretty much the only two) kick ass women in science fiction back in my youth had to play up the sexy, even if briefly. I'm talking about Princess Leia in the metal bikini and Ellen Ripley in her underwear. Seriously, was either of these scenes necessary? We didn't have Luke in metal briefs as a counterpoint.
"But that would have been silly."
So was Princess Leia in a metal bikini!
And could not Ripley have kept her trousers on so we didn't have to see her butt crack?
As for horror itself, I always figure there will be gratuitous tits and ass ruining an otherwise fun film. Because hey, everyone wants to see tits and ass!
No...actually, I don't. Shocker that.

Emma said...

Hi-freaki´n-larious, and true! I have never been overly exposed to this "phenomenon" , maybe it´s because I am in my thirties now and don´t give a shit :)(geeks in Sweden seem to be more of the lenient kind too), but when I have it´s like these boys want to make it a competition about who is the geekier geek..

Ps. You´re awesome!

Ed B said...

BJ-C, you gotta stop hanging so much with male chauvinist geek boys - I'm afraid you may be starting to get the wrong impression of us guys overall. As a more mature (age-wise and other-wise) horror fan, I happen to think geek women are totally awesome. As are you. As are your rants. And, if I may say, as is your skull sweater.

Kaijinu said...

...this has to be the awesomest thing I'd seen all that! God I love Mondays! YOU ROCK!

Eric said...

Bravo! I have nothing more to add.

Slaughter Film said...

I understand your point, but at the same time, your a grown woman. What the hell do you care what people think, or say. You've graduated high school, it's time to move on. It called the finger, use it.

Also, maybe people don't care so much that your a girl and your different 'cause you have tits. Maybe people give you, and "girls" the business because you seem to make everything about your femininity.

Isn't having emotions about a strangers opinion, or rather, being effected in a personal and emotional way by something of little or no consequence a negative stereotype of a feminine trait? "Oh my god, I can't believe she said that." and so on.

Don't reinforce their idiocracy, just tell 'em to suck your dick.

Sorry if I threw gasoline onto a fire. Just trying to offer an opinion from a different perspective. I got shit on EVERY DAY of my high school life, and while our experiences are different, I can't help but think that I, now as an older, more wise and all around kick ass and awesome dude, would have handled the two situations very much the same. Just gotta dish it out twice as good as you take it. - Cory

BJ-C said...

Folks, this video is a horror specific response to this:

Please keep that in mind before commenting. Thank-you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oh bj-c what i wouldn't give to bend you over and listen to you scream out lines from horror movies while i covered your sweet ass with hot cum... :P

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