Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When it comes to women in horror, it doesn't get much more impressive than Rebekah McKendry.  As the current Director of Marketing for Fangoria magazine, Rebekah McKendry is living proof that bad-ass horror fans come in all forms, vagina included.  Rebekah wasn't always the horror professional.  Before she hit it big with Fangoria, McKendry taught film and English at a high school just outside of Washington, D.C.  Unfortunately, teaching wasn't for her and she sought out to find her true calling.  After moving to New York City, Rebekah found herself working for the New York Horror Film festival.  She would meet many staff members of Fangoria in this process and began to work part-time for Fangoria Radio as a researcher.  Working her way through a number of different positions including writing and assistant producing, she became the Director of Marketing.  As the DM, she works with cross promotions, sponsorships, advertising, conventions, fan relations, and merchandising, just to name a handful of her responsibilities.

With a B.A. in Film, Masters in Media Education, Masters in Film, and in progress for a PhD in Media and Film, (that makes her soon to be Dr. McKendry for those playing at home) Rebekah has more than proven her street cred as a film guru.  Her personal musings can be found on her blog on the Fangoria site is called Bekah’s Confessions, and she's contributed to many books as well.  This past April, Rebekah McKendry had been selected as a new host of the popular horror web show INSIDE HORROR, joining the ranks of current hosts Elric Kane and Staci Lane.  As a producer, writer, director, and show host, Rebekah McKendry has achieved what just about every little horror girl has always dreamed of.  She has found a way to work within the medium that she loves, and is respected for it.  Rebekah McKendry is a force to be reckoned with and one of the queens of the horror journalism world.  No one does it like Rebekah McKendry and she has truly paved the way for female horror writers/journalists to come.  
We at Day of the Woman salute you.  

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