Monday, September 17, 2012


Natives of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are no stranger to the premiere haunted attraction, The ScareHouse.  Named "one of America's Scariest Halloween Attractions" by the Travel Channel, The ScareHouse was also ranked as one of the country's Top 3 Haunted Houses by Haunted Attraction Magazine and The ScareHouse was recently voted as the #1 haunted house in the world by - featured in the pages of USA TODAY, Fangoria, Money, Funworld, and Pittsburgh magazines - profiled online by AOL, Forbes, Univision, Yahoo, and many other websites - and featured in two national television shows airing on Travel Channel: "America Haunts" and "America's Scariest Halloween Attractions."  Offering three haunts for just one price: The Forsaken, Pittsburgh Zombies, and theirnewest attraction: Creepo's Christmas in 3-D. "Pittsburgh's Ultimate Haunted House" is located just minutes from downtown and open on select dates from late September through mid November. (The ScareHouse FB Page)  If you're not impressed by this resume yet, you're not reading the same reviews I am.  

In the wake of the success of this spookhouse, The ScareHouse has started their very own websires, SCARE U.  Hosted by Dr. Margee Kerr, Scare U dives into the scientific explanations as to why specific things frighten us. Dr. Margee Kerr holds a doctorate degree in sociology, and has been studied the science of fear for many years.  Since 2008, she has shared her findings with The ScareHouse. In the Scare U series, she invites us to go deeper into fear, discovering how our brains and bodies are reacting to the things that scare us.  The series premiered with a common fear of many horror folks, creepy clowns. The 8 part series of Scare U will come out each Wednesday from now until Halloween. The series will explore fears ranging from zombies, dolls, phobias, and much more, featuring terrifying footage from both the ScareHouse and popular movies and TV shows. The first episode was extremely well done and I cannot wait for the rest of the series. It feels like one of those specials you'd see on The Discovery Channel, but far more entertaining, and much more unsettling.  It's a shame it's only an 8 part series, because I would watch this year wrong.  Hell, I'd watch this as an actual television series. 

The entire series can be found on the ScareHouse's YouTube channel: 

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