Saturday, September 1, 2012


This labor day weekend, A&E will premiere the two night event of Ridley and Tony Scott's incredibly revision of 1978's COMA.  Based on the 1977 best seller of the same name written by Robin Cook, the original film was directed by Michael Crichton and was a modest hit for its time.  Flash forward to this coming Monday and Tuesday night and audiences will be given the opportunity to witness one of the final collaborative efforts of the dynamic duo of Ridley Scott and the late Tony Scott.  For those unaware, this past August, Tony Scott committed suicide and left behind an incredible legacy.  COMA is quite an entertaining mini-series and in the most respectful way possible, quite the high note for Tony Scott to go out on.  While it is absolutely in no way a perfect mini-series, they've created a rather thrilling four hour tour.  Backed up with a star studded ensemble cast, if the audience is willing to subject themselves to a very, very needed suspension of disbelief, they'll be satisfied.  The need for suspension of disbelief must be stressed, because the unfortunate issue is that the medical world and legal practices have changed drastically in the last thirty four years. 

Cult film darling, Lauren Ambrose stars as Susan Wheeler, a medical student resident at Atlanta’s Memorial Hospital.  After discovering a questionable trend occurring at the hospital, Susan Wheeler begins her search to figure out the horrifying secret of Memorial hospital.  For some reason or another, young and seemingly healthy patients undergoing routine (and relatively minor) procedures keep finding themselves comatose.  If the coma inducing trauma wasn't enough, all of these comatose individuals are then transferred to the Jefferson Institute.  It doesn't take a genius to know that these comas are happening at such a rapid rate from intentional action rather than an unfortunate outcome of the medical practice.  Determined to find out the truth, she turns herself into enemy number 1 with her constant file hacking, air duct crawling, and asking meddling questions.  Also starring Michael Weston, James Woods, Richard Dreyfuss, Geena Davis, and the incredibly horrifying Ellen Burstyn, COMA isn't monumental, but it's one of the most well developed mini-series events in a very long time.

COMA premieres on 
A&E: September 3rd & 4th

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