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titania86 said...

I haven't been excited for a Saw film in years. The first one was good (except the godawful ending) and the second one was ok. The third one was terrible and then I didn't give a shit anymore. Another sequel or a reboot would make no difference to me. The franchise is played out.

Slaughter Film said...

Saw is awful, and I haven't watched past the third movie. It has such a set formula that no sequel or remake or whatever could ever have a chance to be original.

And when you know what's going to happen and you don't care about the characters, it's no longer scary. Isn't that the point? I make a scary movie? - Cory

Real Queen of Horror said...

LOL @ Jigsaw! OMG! He did die like 4 movies ago but he's always there!

I was never a fan of Saw. Ever. Over time Saw just became annoying to, I don't even know how any there are. If they did remake the whole series that is ridiculous but I won't check it out.

Unknown said...

Yep, yep, I agree. Thanks for weighing in on it! I can't find anyone who's happy about it, either. The only way we will stop manistream Hollyworse from doing this kind of thing over and over is if we stop giving them money for making shit on toast. Until that happens, we're going to see more of this kind of stunt.

I'm in the horror market, and it seems that the "horror" is all gone out of it. Replaced with just plain disappointment.

Jenny Krueger said...

Oh good hell! Will this franchise ever go away?! :/

Avianna said...

Its so sad because it COULD be a good concept. Saw one was bordering on a good idea and I liked "Mr. Princess Bride," but instead of learning from itself... it just kept beating itself more into the ground.. but what didn't help is that audiences kept feeding it. GRAGA! If they waited like, 5 more years? They could bring it back and completely redo it, but with the same contest AND MAYBE someone with some skill could write a good script to fit it.

But, these are ALOT of buts.

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