Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Red headed siren, Kat Sheridan discovered a passion for acting at 6 years old. Since then, she trained in classical theater, starred in several productions (from Shakespeare to Vaudeville), and even directed a play "The Good Doctor" by Neil Simon. She has B.A. in Theater Arts, has experience in improv comedy, belongs to the Actor's Co-Op, and has workshopped with the Lifebook acting group. Later expanding her range to film and television, she starred in a promotional commercial for Showtime's Lock N Load reality show, appeared in a music video, short films, and recently completed her first feature film as a principal actor, The Red House, a horror film premiering in 2012.  The Red House (not to be confused with any of the other films of the same name) is brought to us by Greg Avellone and Johh Otrin (of Friday the 13th fame). The premise involves attractive young people going to a cabin in the woods, and not surprisingly, find themselves involved with mayhem and madness. A lover of all things nerdy and genre oriented, Kat Sheridan is more than just another girl trying to make a name for herself in the business.

Kat enjoys physical performance due to her extensive stage combat background, including single sword, broad sword, rapier & dagger skills, as well as bull whip training. She has has also done modeling work for publicity campaigns for online, film, and music projects. Ms. Sheridan has worked on several comedies and dramas, but also enjoys genre work such as period pieces, science fiction and fantasy. Outside of entertainment, Kat enjoys sailing offshore of Seattle, driving cross country, and horse-back riding. Sheridan took the initiative and sought me out to tell me about her new project with The Red House, but it was upon my other research that I decided to deliver Kat Sheridan the coveted honor of Woman of the Week.  Not only an actress and model, Kat is also a producer of quite possibly one of the coolest fangirl projects I've ever seen. She's currently producing a comedy web series online about comic con culture and people who dress up as "cosplayers".  I'm excited to see what else Kat Sheridan has up her sleeve and hope to watch her career continue to blossom.

You can follow her on
Youtube, and IMDB.

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Kat Sheridan said...

Wow, I'm truly honored!! Thanks for this, it really means a lot to have this sort of exposure when you are an up-and-coming!


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