Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Seattle, Washington is home to some of the coolest and most interesting people in the entire country, and the horror scene is no exception.  With the world famous Seattle branch of Crypticon (serving as The largest horror convention in the pacific northwest) just around the corner, Niki Crypt Giallo has taken the initiative to develop a hell of a promo team.  This year, Seattle Crypticon will be invaded by their very own set of horror women with The Ghoul Girls.  Not only has Nicki developed a super group of ladies that are willing to help spread the word of the convention, but they also actually give a shit about the genre they're representing.  I was impressed with the initiative she took making this group of ladies a reality and asked if she would share some insight. 

NCG: The goal of the Ghoul Girls is to spread the word about Crypticon Seattle. Cypticon Seattle is the North West's Premier horror convention. We are more than just beautiful faces, we are horror fans. We do this for the love of the genre. We can be found haunting events & conventions around the Seattle area spreading the horror gospel. Our first event will be this Saturday the 5th at the Comcast Arena in Everette for the Tilted Thunder Rail Birds Rollar Derby bout. We spread fliers, posters, etc. Think of us as your spooky promo girls. 

I thought of the idea when helping Justin [Giallo] spread the word & advertise. I thought "Hey! We should have promo "ghouls" to spread the word. I mean there's all kinda of promo girls from Red Bull girls, to the Three Olives girls. What better way to get people interested than to have fun, spooky, beautiful girls!?" I hand picked the girls...for their love of horror to their other talents. The current members are, Brandy Rage, who is a local Renagade Bike girl. Ava D Jor who is a VERY talented burlesque performer for the Grity City Sirens Burlesque troop. Abbey Synthe, who was the founder & creator for the Seattle based "Gorelesque" troop. Lolita Lament who is a part of the Hearse Club of Seattle, along with Abbey Synthe. ( So you can see us cruisin around in our own version of the Macabre Mobile lol) Candy Ghiest who is new & upcomming in the horror community. Kiki De Ville who has her own photography company "Kiki D Photography." Lastly Muah! Niki Crypt, horror aficionado & former fetish model featured in the book series from Kaos 8 "Through the Eyes of a Pervert" about showing the beauty & art within sexuality, perversion, erotica, & more. Mixing pinup, alternative, art nude, erotic, & other styles into a seamless bit of photography that truly is amazing. 

The main thing I look for when looking for "Ghouls" is the horror knowledge. You can't just walk the walk, you have to talk the talk as well, meaning we are deffinately more than beauty, we know our shit as well. While at the convention you can stop by to meet us, think of us as an informatiom booth for the convention as well. Whether you need to know what time a panel or screening starts, to SWAG, or just wanting a picture with the offical Crypticon girls, we are the ghouls to turn to. :)

Seattle Crypticon runs from May 25th - 27th 

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