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Sidney Prescott, the Final Girl in Scream, may have put it best when she described slasher movies as “some stupid killer stalking some big-breasted girl who can’t act, who is always running up the stairs when she should be running out the front door.”

Unlike a good chuck of the horror bloggers out there, I actually read the books I review cover to cover to ensure that I'm not just shelling out bullshit opinions to my readers.  While my review may be a bit late in comparison to the giveaways that have been going on, I had to make sure the book was of merit before I spent time writing a review.  Now, I review a decent amount of books on DotW but I never EVER cover a book unless it is deserving of praise.  Recently, I've gotten my grubby little paws on J.A. Kerswell (of HYSTERIA LIVES )'s masterpiece The Slasher Movie Book.  The second I opened my mail and feasted my eyes on this beautiful piece of literary art, I knew I was in love.  I flipped through a few pages to grasp a feel of what I was getting myself into, and I was completely taken a back with just how gorgeous this thing is.  If the poster art, illustrations, movie stills, and tribute artwork doesn't tickle your fancy, the commentary and analysis presented by one of our own should do it for you.  Kerswell writes from a place of intellect, and unadulterated passion.  Just by reading one page, you can already tell that Kerswell holds the genre near and dear to him, and it shows in the content chosen as well as the depth of the writing.  The film chronicles the golden age of one of the most beloved and successful horror subgenres and the one that undoubtedly brought horror into the mainstream media machine.  At 208 pages, this highly organized account of the history of slasher films is an absolute must have for horror fans everywhere.  The main thing I respect most about this book is how savvy it's arranged.  For instance, the opening chapters focus on the film movements (giallo anyone?) that highly influenced the genre, but when it hits the golden age of the era, he focuses solely year by year, simply because there is just that much information to cover.  Of course extra love is focused on the franchise big boys (Freddy, Jason, Michael etc.) but there is plenty of coverage on the lesser known works of the genre.  Ultimately, if you don't get your hands on this book, you'll be doing yourself a grave disservice.  Shell out the dough, or try to win it on the numerous websites holding giveaways.  Trust me, you'll thank me later.

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A little over a month ago I spoke briefly about an up and coming zombie short film from Justin Buckner titled I AM ALIVE.  It seemed to have sparked some interest from some of you readers and luckily for you, I've got the inside scoop on how you can find a way to see it!

Tickets will be available for $6 each and can be purchased on www.beachlandballroom.com or else tickets are available for purchase from the cast and crew. I've already got my ticket scored away and this event looks promising and more than worth the six dollar entrance fee.  All of the proceeds from the event will go towards entry fees to submit I AM ALIVE to the film festival circuit.  If that doesn't win you over, all of the cast and crew will be at the screening to party it up with the attendees; meaning yes, you can party with the zombies.


Along with the premiere screening of I AM ALIVE they will be showing a couple of other short skits from these fine folks that have been filmed over the last year. The director's band, Galactic Moustache, (that's a hell of a name) and their production group Studio on Mars have been creating music videos and web based skits and will screen some of the most popular shorts.


Following the screening there will be live music performances by 
Presque Vu and Galactic Moustache.

 For those counting at home, that means you get a handful of short films, awesome web skits, music videos, two live band performances, and the opportunity to support indie film making. I'm surely going to be there with bells on and so should you. 

For more information click the links below

More info on the film- www.facebook.com/iamalivemovie.com
More info on the venue- www.beachlandballroom.com
Galactic Moustache- www.galacticmoustache.com

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During my Holliston fest last night (see previous post) the final episode definitely struck a hell of a heart string with me.  Over the past three years, I've been criticized for writing a horror blog as a woman, as someone under the age of twenty five, and most recently...for not "looking" the part.  Adam Green's character on Holliston is hopelessly in love with a very anti-typical horror gal complete with blonde hair, cutoff jean skirts, and perfectly manicured everything.  Adam and Joe pick on her for "not ever having bought anything from Hot Topic" and she makes a comment on "missing the memo on wearing black" before completely transforming her appearance to fit in with the rest of the convention.  As funny as it was, it would be far funnier if this wasn't the constant annoyance "girls like me" deal with every fucking day.  While Adam Green and plenty other celebs featured on the show pick on the things they deal with as celebrities (having iMDB pull things offline, being harassed by uberfans, etc) with a sense of a light hearted nature, they're also celebrities with the ability to fulfill their dreams and not struggling twenty one year olds fighting hordes of twi-hards and sexist horror trolls. They've got people to do that for them.  Not only that, but I'm pretty sure having a fan pester them about their new movie isn't as insulting as "until you have tattoos, you're worthless to your genre". I'm not dismissing their trials of the shit they put up with as "lesser", it's just...I can't exactly explain it. The image above is an actual screen cap from an anonymous comment I received on one of my Cabin In The Woods articles.  I hate to admit it, but this comment is one of the more tame that I've received over the years. I gotta admit, it's easier to take an insult than graphic sexual fantasy requests for video blogs from strangers.

No tattoos or colored hair? Who do you think you are?!
Anyway, I posted the comment to the Day of the Woman facebook page to get some feedback from all of you on whether or not a horror "look" is required to take someone seriously and I was pleasantly confirmed that you all aren't judgmental and ignorant (not that I ever thought you were). However, while YOU may be smart enough to understand that your exterior doesn't define your interior, there is an overwhelming amount of people that haven't been able to break that barrier. When I first started writing Day of the Woman, I'll be completely honest when I admit I garnered a good amount of my "following" because the idea of a beauty queen writing about horror movies was interesting or different or something.  I only know this because the comments I've received in comparison from 2009 to 2012 have changed drastically.  I sometimes pull the "I'm not a stereotype" card every once in a while, but when I first started...it was almost a shtick people used to talk about me with.  As much as I enjoyed making friends with other horror bloggers and readers, I was always wondering if they read me because of my content or because I was some novelty item.  Even deeper than that...why was I being marketed this way? I've discussed previously on the topic of having tattoos, but it seems that this judgement stems further than the tattoo parlor.  (PS; I am wearing a strapless top and if any of you say I get harassing comments " because I post pictures like that" you're a slut shaming son of a bitch and you can leave my blog right now because again, it's my blog and I can do whatever I want and a human is entitled to dress however they want without it constituting"asking for it") I just want to know, why did everyone make it such a big deal that I didn't fit in the horror "mold" if it "doesn't matter" what a horror fan looks like? Why is everyone commenting "it's your brain that counts" when people are saying "read this girl she's beautiful AND smart"? Why should it matter if I'm a baton twirling beauty queen? It shouldn't, and it doesn't. It doesn't fucking matter because you are who you are and that's all who you are. 

That being said, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I've felt an awful lot of pressure to change my appearance to appeal to the horror crew.  The way it was presented to me was honestly exactly what I've been trying to fight against.  I was always wanting to put a hoop in my nose instead of a stud and do you know who pushed me to the hoop side? You all did. When I wasn't sure whether or not I could take the plunge for a darker shade of lipstick, it was my horror comrades that really told me to go for it while my pageant friends told me I'd look "goth".  As a woman, I constantly have to fight twice as hard to be taken seriously when writing about a genre that is arguably (stereotypically) male dominated. To top that, I'm also twenty one years old and thanks to my generation's obsession with Twilight, I also now have to fight harder to earn my street cred and prove my chops.  EVEN FURTHER, I don't have Elvira tattoos or an edgy haircut or a wardrobe consisting of corsets and striped tights. I just don't.  That isn't to say that I don't adore that "look" it's just not my personal style.  It does appear that whenever I do a video blog where I appear "darker" or "spookier" it garners far more attention and hits than my typical pajama clad rants.  Some may argue it's the subject matter...but I gotta tell you, hits don't lie. 

Friend and fellow female in horror Krystal Fancey Beck easily gave the most provocative of opinions on the topic, and she's so right it's scary.  "Here's the thing: you're kind of fucked either way. I HAVE the look- y'know, the one that supposedly earns you Horror Points or whatever- and  it's already been suggested that us SpookyOnTheOutside folks are "trying too hard", wearing a uniform, or maybe even overcompensating for not possessing the right amount of horror knowledge. You know what? I wear/decorate myself with the things that make me happy and make me feel good about myself. Yes, it gets me some attention. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. And while way too many people assume at least part of the reason I prefer to adorn myself in such a manner is because my poor, fragile self esteem craves the attention... dude, I have a good case of social anxiety. Attention's one of the last things I want! But I've weighed both options and feeling content and, ultimately, true to myself trumps anything else. I'm sick to death of people trying to feel better about themselves by making other people feel shitty. I'm sick of standards. I actually saw someone make a list of criteria that you have to have in order to call yourself a horror fan by their vastly superior standards. You know what *I* think makes you a 'true' horror fan? Liking horror movies. I don't care what you look like, if you've never seen ____, or if you don't like ____. I don't care who or even really *what* you know. If you've this, this, and this in the horror community or if you just simply... watch horror movies. I DON'T CARE. If you like horror and are nice to me, we're cool- let's talk. Ultimately, stay to to yourself, and do what genuinely makes you happy, without concern that you're living up to anyone else's ridiculous standards." Yep. That about covers it. She's absolutely on par. We as female horror fans are damned if you do, damned if you don't, and that's the god's honest truth.  Hell, even when a "SpookyOnTheOutside" type of girl was confronted at the convention on Holliston...she was called a poser at the end because her day job was working at Express.  The sad fact of it all, is that this is something far deeper than just convention etiquette. To be honest, women in general are judged based upon their appearances, and there's this obscene concept that women are somehow new to the idea of being fans of genre entertainment. I don't know why people think this is a new thing, but it's a weird epidemic I've experienced first hand far too often.  It's like we cause annoyance just by being in the room because we're assumed to either be posers tagging along and trying to impress someone or we're some social inept mouth breathers jonesing for an autograph.

It's as if women are constantly torn between choosing a side in the debate of "pretty vs. intelligent" and it's total bullshit. I would like to bat my eyelashes and poke my dimple to say "oh, we're all a giant happy horror family who accepts all forms" but that's a bold faced lie.  Do I surround myself with non-judgemental people who are the cat's meow? Obviously, I choose not to surround myself with douchebags...but it seems that every article I write is under microscopic scrutiny and even a misplaced comma makes me a "stupid girl who knows nothing about horror".
Kristy Jett and Zach Shildwachter: Two of the biggest horror nerds I know at the Amityville house looking very "non-horror"

This isn't only a feminine issue either.  I think women are more specific in that we have to fit into either the "overly geeky super-fan" or the "gothic sex kitten" roles to find acceptance in convention land...but men experience this just as much. I'll be the first to admit that I could count on one hand the amount of men that go to a convention in something other than a black t-shirt (not including celebs or cosplayers).  As a woman, I don't think I'm really qualified to speak much more on the topic, but maybe someone with a penis will tackle this issue one of these days.  Honestly though, this nonsense is absurd. We should be supporting each other and taking care of one another. We're already the weird kids in class for worshipping murderers, torturers, and monsters...the last thing we want to do is generate animosity towards each other.  So I have a preposition for you all.  BE WHO YOU ARE. If that means wearing black all the time, rock it out. If that means wearing frilly white lace and rainbow socks, work that shit, but for the love of Cthulhu...don't change who you are because you have to "fit in".  We love you for who you are, as you are. 


Before any of you jump down my throat for showing up a little more than fashionably late to this party, I'd like to kindly remind you that I've been slaving away in an underfunded state school dorm room that cannot afford two ply toilet paper, let alone digital cable.  So get off it. That being said, I'm about to be up to my eyelids in five figures of student loan debt, so I can't exactly pay for episodes of the show on iTunes...so I made the executive decision to suffer until today when I finally came home to the comfort of a 52 inch hi-def with ONdemand and the finest couches a tax return can buy.  Thanks, Mom & Dad. Anyway, within an hour of being home, I planted myself onto the living room couch, took command of the remote, and got myself ready for a hot date with Adam Green and Joe Lynch in a little place called Holliston.

First of all, I need to explain my thoughts on Adam Green.  When Hatchet first came out, I wasn't into it.  Maybe it was due to my horror hipster phase or maybe I'm just a huge pretentious bitch.  Either way, I seemed to be the ONLY person on the planet that thought it was a hot horror tranny mess.  I didn't understand the fascination with Adam Green and I'm pretty sure my opinions got me crossed off of John Squires' (of Freddy in Space) Christmas list.  I will admit after seeing the Green produced GRACE and being utterly blown away by FROZEN, I was willing to bite my tongue and admit...Adam Green doesn't suck. I honestly think that he's actually quite far from sucking. In fact, I just may think he's, well, you know...brilliant. There, I said it. It's been stated, it's published on the internet, you can all throw your parades of "I Told You So" and I will deal with it. I've since given both Hatchet & Hatchet II a second chance and you know what, it's growing on me. YEP. AGAIN. I FUCKING SAID IT. IT'S GROWING ON ME. Hey, you there, turn that condescending half smile towards someone else, Tool-io Iglesias...I can feel your judging eyes all the way through the internet.

Joe Lynch I've never had any "meh" feelings towards, so that wasn't even on the radar. ANNNNYWAY, So, Holliston.  I just dedicated nearly six hours of my life in a single sitting experiencing the first season of this show.  You know something? I regret nothing. In fact, I might do it again sometime soon.  Holliston is the epitome of all the things that make the pants of fanboys fight tighter everywhere.  "Adam and Joe are two down on their luck guys living in the small New England town of Holliston, Massachusetts and struggling to chase their dream of becoming horror movie filmmakers... all while dealing with life, their day jobs, and the opposite sex. With a cast that includes a cross dressing sexually inappropriate boss, a mentally handicapped cat, and an imaginary friend/alien who lives in the closet... Holliston re-invents the traditional sit-com as we know it and breaks new (and sometimes bloody) ground." <-Jacked from their Facebook. Can I just mention that the cross dressing boss is played by Dee Snider of Twisted Sister and the imaginary friend is Oderus Urungus of GWAR? I can? Okay. Awesome.

Holliston delivers to genre fans in absolutely every sense of the word.  Whether it's Joe Lynch rocking a Fright-Rags T-Shirt, mentioning films like C.H.U.D., playing a horror quote drinking game, or doing a "Six Degrees of Robert Englund," it's abundantly clear that this show was made with the heart of horror fans in mind.  One of my biggest praises for FROZEN was how genuine the dialogue felt, and the same can be said for this show.  While very campy, many of the conversations, references, and phrases uttered sound like something out of the horror kid's handbook.  All of the episodes are hilarious, but filled with plenty of gore and gross outs to fulfill our sick desires. For only six episodes, the show packed more horror and nerdy star power cameos than most conventions.  The show is incredibly self referential (saying "we're not going to take it anymore" to Dee Snider) in the most obvious and entertaining ways possible.  Most films or television shows will throw an occasional bone to the fans, but Holliston is just one, huge, bone delivered hard and fast to the audience, and I mean that.  The strange thing, is that it isn't purely a circle jerk for horror fans.  My younger sister is a total sorority type (literally, she's a god damn cheerleading sorority girl) and she watched the first two episodes with me and laughed along.  When I told her Green was the guy behind FROZEN (a film I unleashed on her sorority sisters when looking for a thrill) she was blown away at how funny he was. 

The real underdog of the show however, has gotta be Laura Ortiz.  You may recognize her from The Hills Have Eyes and Chillerama, but I am officially obsessed with her.  Laura Ortiz plays the Colombian girlfriend of Joe Lynch, and she has IMPECCABLE comedic timing.  The combination of a voice out of Whoville, kaleidoscope eyes, and the innocence of a de-clawed kitten in a bowl of sugar flavored cotton balls thrown into the sarcastic environment of Adam and Joe is a recipe for perfection.  Her lines are some of the most well written and her execution is absolutely flawless.  I just gotta know, why the hell isn't she getting more work and Whitney Cummings can have her own show?! It's a travesty and needs to be stopped. Thankfully, Holliston has been green lit for a second season and I can further enjoy the shenanigans of the crew.  Corri English fills out the rest of the team and her performance is a bit hit or miss for me.  If I'm being completely honest, her wardrobe is a bit distracting in my opinion. I understand wanting to have a hot blonde character, but why do all of her outfits have to look like they're cosplayed versions of herself? I'm all for sex appeal, but it's so out of place it just doesn't jive. That's just me, though.

Holliston is a show that speaks from the bleeding heart of horror nerds everywhere and keeps on pulling punches. The show is NOT for everyone (meaning: people who get severely butthurt by offensive humor) but for those who understand it's just a joke and not a dick to be taken so hard...this show is right up your alley. It's a hell of a ride filled with plenty of horror niblets to chew on, jokes with the intellect of Oscar Wilde but the maturity of your fourteen year old best friend, and enough slang terms for the vagina to make the length of vagina terms in Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo look like a half-assed review written by a pathetic pandering horror blogger! Wait, did I say that?

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Red headed siren, Kat Sheridan discovered a passion for acting at 6 years old. Since then, she trained in classical theater, starred in several productions (from Shakespeare to Vaudeville), and even directed a play "The Good Doctor" by Neil Simon. She has B.A. in Theater Arts, has experience in improv comedy, belongs to the Actor's Co-Op, and has workshopped with the Lifebook acting group. Later expanding her range to film and television, she starred in a promotional commercial for Showtime's Lock N Load reality show, appeared in a music video, short films, and recently completed her first feature film as a principal actor, The Red House, a horror film premiering in 2012.  The Red House (not to be confused with any of the other films of the same name) is brought to us by Greg Avellone and Johh Otrin (of Friday the 13th fame). The premise involves attractive young people going to a cabin in the woods, and not surprisingly, find themselves involved with mayhem and madness. A lover of all things nerdy and genre oriented, Kat Sheridan is more than just another girl trying to make a name for herself in the business.

Kat enjoys physical performance due to her extensive stage combat background, including single sword, broad sword, rapier & dagger skills, as well as bull whip training. She has has also done modeling work for publicity campaigns for online, film, and music projects. Ms. Sheridan has worked on several comedies and dramas, but also enjoys genre work such as period pieces, science fiction and fantasy. Outside of entertainment, Kat enjoys sailing offshore of Seattle, driving cross country, and horse-back riding. Sheridan took the initiative and sought me out to tell me about her new project with The Red House, but it was upon my other research that I decided to deliver Kat Sheridan the coveted honor of Woman of the Week.  Not only an actress and model, Kat is also a producer of quite possibly one of the coolest fangirl projects I've ever seen. She's currently producing a comedy web series online about comic con culture and people who dress up as "cosplayers".  I'm excited to see what else Kat Sheridan has up her sleeve and hope to watch her career continue to blossom.

You can follow her on
Youtube, and IMDB.

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Seattle, Washington is home to some of the coolest and most interesting people in the entire country, and the horror scene is no exception.  With the world famous Seattle branch of Crypticon (serving as The largest horror convention in the pacific northwest) just around the corner, Niki Crypt Giallo has taken the initiative to develop a hell of a promo team.  This year, Seattle Crypticon will be invaded by their very own set of horror women with The Ghoul Girls.  Not only has Nicki developed a super group of ladies that are willing to help spread the word of the convention, but they also actually give a shit about the genre they're representing.  I was impressed with the initiative she took making this group of ladies a reality and asked if she would share some insight. 

NCG: The goal of the Ghoul Girls is to spread the word about Crypticon Seattle. Cypticon Seattle is the North West's Premier horror convention. We are more than just beautiful faces, we are horror fans. We do this for the love of the genre. We can be found haunting events & conventions around the Seattle area spreading the horror gospel. Our first event will be this Saturday the 5th at the Comcast Arena in Everette for the Tilted Thunder Rail Birds Rollar Derby bout. We spread fliers, posters, etc. Think of us as your spooky promo girls. 

I thought of the idea when helping Justin [Giallo] spread the word & advertise. I thought "Hey! We should have promo "ghouls" to spread the word. I mean there's all kinda of promo girls from Red Bull girls, to the Three Olives girls. What better way to get people interested than to have fun, spooky, beautiful girls!?" I hand picked the girls...for their love of horror to their other talents. The current members are, Brandy Rage, who is a local Renagade Bike girl. Ava D Jor who is a VERY talented burlesque performer for the Grity City Sirens Burlesque troop. Abbey Synthe, who was the founder & creator for the Seattle based "Gorelesque" troop. Lolita Lament who is a part of the Hearse Club of Seattle, along with Abbey Synthe. ( So you can see us cruisin around in our own version of the Macabre Mobile lol) Candy Ghiest who is new & upcomming in the horror community. Kiki De Ville who has her own photography company "Kiki D Photography." Lastly Muah! Niki Crypt, horror aficionado & former fetish model featured in the book series from Kaos 8 "Through the Eyes of a Pervert" about showing the beauty & art within sexuality, perversion, erotica, & more. Mixing pinup, alternative, art nude, erotic, & other styles into a seamless bit of photography that truly is amazing. 

The main thing I look for when looking for "Ghouls" is the horror knowledge. You can't just walk the walk, you have to talk the talk as well, meaning we are deffinately more than beauty, we know our shit as well. While at the convention you can stop by to meet us, think of us as an informatiom booth for the convention as well. Whether you need to know what time a panel or screening starts, to SWAG, or just wanting a picture with the offical Crypticon girls, we are the ghouls to turn to. :)

Seattle Crypticon runs from May 25th - 27th 
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