Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As many of you know, I'm a total bleeding heart for indie filmmakers, short films, and zombies.  I've seen my fair share of zombie shorts in my day and a reoccurring theme that has been plaguing the genre is the lack of one thing. Originality.  Horror movie monsters tend to stick to very specific rules and utter failure tends to follow those that stray off the course. (I'm looking at you Twatlight), but every once in a while, someone throws a spin interesting enough to force the audience to practice an old theatre technique of "suspension of disbelief" and they completely go with it.  Zombie films have fallen into a trap of following the same storyline with the same character archetypes and the same end results.  The strange thing is that directors still like to live in this fantasy world where humans don’t already know to aim for the head, or think the bite is "just a bite".  However I've been lucky enough to hear about Ohio bred director, Justin Buckner in association with Studio On Mars productions and their promise of a new zom-com short film based on the short story “I, Zombie” by AE Stueve. Starring Joe Brown, Justin Buckner, Larena Crohe, Jaden DeVogel, Jake Greener, James Lovern, Gina Nemecek, Jen Poland, the film surrounds a Post-Zombie Apocalypse society where the nation has begun to rebuild and restore a sense of normalcy.  I found the premise to remind me a bit of S.G. Browne’s BREATHERS, and that isn’t a bad thing in the slightest.  We also need to point out that the absolutely smashing makeup job (and some camera work) was done by The Blood Sprayer’s very own Zach Shildwachter, but he’s too damn modest to ever accept the praise.  The film released its trailer yesterday and all I gotta say, is that I can’t wait to see the thing in its entirety. It’s incredibly inspiring to see someone put a new spin on a monster we all love so much, hopefully more filmmakers will take notice.

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