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NOTICE: Sorry I've been so MIA, I open HAIR this week and rehearsals took over all of my free time. Let The Sunshine In!

Okay, I'll be the first to admit that I'm a massive Chloe Moretz fangirl.  Fifteen shmifteen, the girl has incredible range and never ceases to amaze me with her talents. When she was only fourteen years old, Chloë Grace Moretz (at the time) had 39 acting roles to her name and was recently voted the "Favorite Movie Star Under 25" over the four main castmates of the Harry Potter films at the People's Choice Awards. Moretz has taken on (and completely owned) a vast majority of roles and showed her acting chops each and every time, with a large amount of them taking place in our beloved genre.  She is highly respected for her decisions to play unconventional and challenging roles and even more so for portraying them with such prowess and elegance.  It was announced this week and Moretz tweeted to confirm that she will be playing the iconic role of Carrie White in the remake of Brian De Palma's classic adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie

Now, I'm not a huge fan of remaking films that really didn't have anything wrong with them, but I'm actually not too worried about this one.  Moretz is more than capable of providing a solid portrayal and she has an extremely tight grip on the genre.  Horror welcomed her with open arms at the tender age of four in The Amityville Horror remake, and she especially blew many genre fans away by giving a respectful performance as the female lead in the Let The Right One In remake, Let Me In.  When it comes to convincing acting, Moretz' track record has proven her skills and we shouldn't worry about that in any case.  However, there are plenty of complaints about the decision to cast Chloe Moretz in such an iconic role and I've decided to tackle each of these concerns head on.  Without getting into the circle jerk discussion of "they shouldn't even remake this," I'm going to attempt to justify the decision of casting Moretz.

ISSUE 1: SHE'S TOO PRETTY- It's true that Moretz should trademark her buxom lips and expressive eyes and she does appear to be a bit more beautiful in relation to Sissy Spacek's doe eyed, scrawny, skinny haired look.  HOWEVER, let us not forget the absolute HELL Hollywood unleashed upon Christina Ricci & Charlize Theron for Monster.  Movie makeup is a powerful, powerful thing.  Even if they don't, it's no surprise that it's going to be modernized because that's just how the way Hollywood works.  Accept it for what it is and deal with it, because your rants about remakes taking place in the modern era isn't going to change the fact that they're going to use a god damn cell phone in a film originally set in the 1970s.  That being said, without the power of makeup, Chloe has the potential to look real awkward, real fast.  We've all seen pictures of young Angelina Jolie with lips too big for her face and eyes too big for her forehead.  Well, there you go.  We haven't seen Chloe look like much else than perfect because she's been a movie star since before she could write her own autograph.  We have no idea how she might look all haggard up.  Even in Let Me In they maintained a decent amount of beauty to her, give the makeup artists a chance.  Despite all of that, she's still 15 years old and I can guarantee they'll cast her classmates from some pool of beauty pageant winners and Abercrombie model look-a-likes that are well into their mid to late twenties.  She's going to look out of place in that respect alone.  If it is the new millennium's Carrie, not wearing makeup or being without an iPod might as well make her a leper. So chill out. 

ISSUE 2: SHE'S TOO YOUNG Alright.  First you complain that all the high school aged kids are played by kids who've graduated college (or like Sissy Spacek who was nearly THIRTY when she played a 16 year old) and now she's too young?  Make up your damn mind.

ISSUE 3: SHE LOOKS NOTHING LIKE SISSY SPACEK: Okay, alright. Would you rather they attempt to make a carbon copy of the original?  Being irritated that she looks nothing like Sissy Spacek in the same role is like boycotting Easter Oreos because the filling is pink instead of white.  To be completely honest, how shitty are you that you think Sissy Spacek was perfect at playing an ugly, unpopular, and introverted character?  I'm sure Sissy Spacek loves knowing that throughout her highly impressive film career, her biggest staple was being the ugly girl everyone picked on who later killed everyone at the prom.  If you've actually, I don't know, READ THE BOOK, you'd know that Sissy Spacek was almost unbelievably different from the description in the book. Spacek was ridiculed at the time for being too beautiful for the role and WHAM. With the power of makeup, they ugged her up real fast (see point 1).  So the fact Moretz looks nothing like Spacek's Carrie White shouldn't really matter.  It's not about what it looks like, it's about what it feels like.  The sad reality is that not only girls who look like Sissy Spacek are bullied in high school, and to discount Moretz for looking "too pretty to be bullied" is discrediting the bullying epidemic that destroys children from all social circles.  Another thing, when they remade Carrie with Angela Bettis as a tv miniseries, you could tell that they were looking to capture some of the same elements of the film while setting it in a modern age. You know something, IT DIDN'T WORK.  Angela did great with what she was given, but she didn't just emulate Spacek, she emulated being an awkward girl from the 1970s, all the while the people around her were texting and wearing MAC eyeshadow.  It didn't work, it didn't read well, and it looked like the creators tried to hard.  You know what, give Carrie White a fresh face.  Let her speak for more than just one type of girl. 

If we're being honest here, my biggest concern is going to be who is playing Carrie's mother Margaret White before Carrie. I'm crossing my fingers for Melissa Leo.  Go watch Kevin Smith's Red State and you'll totally get why I want her. 

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TrG said...

Melissa Leo is a genius choice for Margaret "Dirty Pillows" White. Spot on analysis.

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard at your Oreo comment. I am usually not a fan of remakes either because I feel like people should know the movie by the original, not the remake but I am willing to give it a shot and see for myself how she pulls it off.

Alexandra said...

This is the first thing about the Carrie remake that has calmed my nerves. As long as they forgo 3D I'm now in.

The Igloo Keeper said...

Sissy Spacek as her mum - you knows it makes sense.

Will Errickson said...

"the remake of Brian De Palma's classic adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie."

This is technically not a remake, is it? I see it as simply another movie adaptation of King's novel. Coincidentally I bought the first edition paperback of CARRIE just today, and it doesn't even have King's name on the cover!

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