Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Dear O Heavenly Mothers and Fathers of Primetime Cable Television,

I'm not entirely positive what us horror nerds have done as of late to deserve such kindness from strangers, but in the wake of The Walking Dead, Face Off, and Monster Man, I would argue that the decision to have horror themed programming is one of the wisest decisions you have ever made.  Now I've already spent a great deal of time letting fangirl banter drip off my tongue and onto American Horror Story, but the programs that followed the season finale of AHS allowed my horror enthusiast and inner television connoisseur to thrive.  It seems that with every passing late night slot, a new show is waiting on the ready line to jump in and keep my juices flowing.  It is for this reason that I must express my undying love and gratitude for whatever 1% big wig that's allowing these shows the good ol' green light.

Now, let it be known that AMC is respected for cranking out some of the best expressions of cable programming, (I'm looking at you Mad Men & Breaking Bad) but they've also been known to give the go ahead to some downright embarrassing shows.  When it was announced that The Walking Dead was going to become a reality, I was ecstatic.  If there is a single human being on this planet that dislikes zombies, they should highly reevaluate their life.  After an exhilarating first season, I spent a great deal of the second season rushing home from late night rehearsals praying I'd catch the repeat of the episode on Sunday Nights.  Thanks to Talking Dead, I didn't miss a single episode all season.  I gotta say, I was rather impressed.  Anyone who wants to hate on the season should kindly take a step back and read a little rant by John Squires of Freddy in Space on the matter.  I will gladly admit that I was delivered a season of quality character development, a good balance of action and real life antics, a relatively respectful retelling of the original comic series, motherfrackin' zombies, and enjoyable acting jobs.  As far as I'm concerned, this was a highly successful sophomore season and it did nothing more than keep my excitement levels peaked for what they've got in store for us next season.

Another show returning to it's season 2.0 was SyFy's reality makeup competition, Face Off.  This is a show that sheds light on a livelihood that often goes unnoticed and is left without the respect that it deserves.  The show has spent two seasons bringing attention to some of the best makeup artists in the business and helps fuel the passions of genre nerds everywhere with the hopes that these men and women possess the skills to generate horrifying creatures that could help dispose of the remake kick. It takes some wicked skill and creativity to generate critters worthy of composing the symphony of our nightmares, and it's about damn time they get their proper recognition.  Face Off is far more than just some reality television show, it enforces the idea that these hardworking individuals are not creating their art in vain, and that the audience really does appreciate their work outside of the one Oscar dedicated to it a year that usually goes to films that didn't deserve it in the first place (watch your back Iron Lady). 

After Face Off was sent to tuck itself away until season 3, SyFy wasted absolutely no time in presenting another show geared to let horror geeks salivate with pure unadulterated desire.  Coming from a girl who's skirt feels a little cooler in the breeze just thinking about practical FX, the new show Monster Man is a wet dream in the form of prime time cable programming.  In a world where our filmmakers have gone CGI crazy, we have been given an opportunity to witness the creation and execution of good old hand made monsters.  I'm sorry, but the only thing that could make this better was if they recreated all of the FX in The Thing

So whoever you are out there in TV land, please continue with horror programming. I no longer feel like the weird kid with the remote control and I finally have something to watch that doesn't make my family hide in shame.  Keep on keepin' on.



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Spike Ghost said...

i really hope Ztélé (the fantasy/sci-fi/horror specialized network channel in Quebec) decides to show Face Off. I have watched only once on Space and it was a horror themed episode and it was fantastic! (I don't watch Space very often and it was very late at night so that's why i don't just watch it on Space, i don't know what time it's on)

Kweeny Todd said...

Agreed! Let's hope this trend continues!

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