Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Here at Day of the Woman, I try to allow this blog space as a haven for many of my fellow colleagues and friends to spread the word about their work and perspective projects.  If you recall a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to sit for makeup artist and horror journalist Zach Shildwachter when he asked if he could toy around with a few makeup ideas and was in need of a model.  After debating whether or not he should start branching out his enthusiasm for the world of special fx makeup artistry, Zach has decided to go balls to the wall and try his luck auditioning for SyFy's addicting makeup competition, Face Off.  Day of the Woman would like to wish Zach Shildwachter the very best of luck in this endeavor and at the very least, help shed some light on an extremely passionate and talented artist.  Below is his audition tape in which he transforms himself into a demon. Check it out!

Check out Zach's other works on his site Awkward Creations

Read his horror journalism over at The Blood Sprayer 

3 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

i did wheres it at?

Anonymous said...

i asked why they keep showing face off its really really boring we wanna watch good movies or good shows.cmon

Laura said...

oh it's really dangerous but awesome makeup. I am already afraid of the photos. Hey I want to be a makeup artist like you for which I have been looking for some makeup schools. Would you please help me to become a makeup artist like you??? Hey in a word your horror makeup is really great!!!

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