Friday, February 24, 2012


To celebrate Women In Horror Recognition month, Day of the Woman is celebrating by compiling the ABC's of women in horror.  

It's not a secret that here at Day of the Woman, there is a great deal of appreciation shown for Ms. PJ Soles.While she has quite a resume ranging from television to the silver screen, she is being glorified for her two most recognizable roles in the horror genre. [Not to say Rock 'N' Roll High School wasn't awesome].  P.J. Soles got her BIG moment in horror as most memorable playing red hat wearing bitch Norma Watson in the adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie. Norma is infamously hit in the face with the hose and drops down on the floor (still wearing that damn hat).  P.J. Soles actually had her eardrum burst by the water and passed out on the floor. Shortly after, PJ Soles starred as Lynda Van Der Klock, the naked girl strangled by Michael Myers in a bed sheet with a telephone cord in Halloween. The role of Lynda was specifically written for Soles after John Carpenter had seen her in Carrie, and because of the way she said "totally".  Without P.J. Soles, or the character of Lynda, this scene may never have even taken place.

Without Brigette Fitzgerald, Ginger Snaps would have been your run of the mill werewolf story. Thanks to the sisterhood element brought on by Emily Perkins, we were given a fabulous example of an empowering horror movie for females. Emily Perkins may have been second banana to Katharine Isabelle in the original, but it was her work in the sequel Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed that proved her merit as a performer and even earned her the Chainsaw Award from Fangoria magazine.  Known mostly for her work with the franchise, Perkins recently starred in Blood: A Butcher's Tale and had a cameo role in Juno.   

I will be completely honest here when I say that as a large supporter of women in horror, I am very uneducated when it comes to women behind the scenes.  This isn't a slight against myself or a way to lessen my credibility, it's just an honest admission.  I'm 21 years old, I'm a double major at a university, and I have rehearsals from 7pm-11pm every night. Cut me some slack.  Luckily, I have found refuge in Heidi Honeycutt's newest takeover, Planet Etheria.  A website entirely dedicated to horror, sci-fi, and fantasy work created by women. is also the only place linked to the free Encyclopedia of Women Directors of Horror, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy.  Seriously, if you don't read this're completely missing out.

Obviously, there are PLENTY of women and films that have yet to be uncovered, but who knows...maybe they'll make an appearance under another letter.  Stay tuned to Day of the Woman for a continuation of this series and
for plenty of Women in Horror Recognition Month updates. 

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Spike Ghost said...

I love Emily Perkins (and Ginger Snaps of course, my favorite movie)! She also has appeared a few times in to horror series Supernatural playing Becky. a fan of the Supernatural books. Her character is really funny.

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