Thursday, February 23, 2012


To celebrate Women In Horror Recognition month, Day of the Woman is celebrating by compiling the ABC's of women in horror.  
I'm still not entirely sure how the little Spanish speaking girl from Kindergarten Cop turned out to be such a babe, but I guess I'm not one to ask questions.  I'll be honest when I say that I don't find Odette Yustman particularly talented, but forgive my ignorance when I admit to being unsure about the letter "O".  Odette Yustman is known in the horror world for her role as the damsel in distress in Cloverfield, and the only reason anyone went to see the flop The Unborn.  Let's be honest here, her ass on the poster drew in the crowds. Sex Sells, I guess.

The Japanese horror film Ōdishon (more well known as Audition) is a Takashi Miike masterpiece that served as one of the precursors to the American obsession with Japanese horror.  Not only did it bring a new serving of over the top gore and cruel & unusual torture scenes, but it presented audiences with one of the most memorable and horrifying female villains in horror movie history.  The film has since developed a bit of a cult following and Eihi Shiina's portrayal of Asami Yamazaki undoubtedly proved that women could be far more sinister than their male counterparts.

Rising starlet, America Olivo has been popping up in horror films both within the mainstream and indie realms.  The sister in law of fellow horror movie actress Neve Campbell, Olivo has been quickly rising within the genre.  Performing in films like The Thirst: Blood War, Neighbor, Circle, Bitch Slap, and the newest remake of Friday the 13th, America Olivo has surely been making a name for herself in the world of modern horror.  In 2013, Olivo will star alongside Elijah Wood in the remake of the classic horror slasher Maniac as Frank's Mother.

Obviously, there are PLENTY of women and films that have yet to be uncovered, but who knows...maybe they'll make an appearance under another letter.  Stay tuned to Day of the Woman for a continuation of this series and
for plenty of Women in Horror Recognition Month updates. 

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