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To celebrate Women In Horror Recognition month, Day of the Woman is celebrating by compiling the ABC's of women in horror.  

Indonesian beauty, Laura Gemser is a woman many have seen but is often left behind.  After a brief stint in modeling, Gemser found herself performing in soft core pornography.  She gained international recognition when she was cast as the star of the Italian Softcore Sexploitation films known as the Black Emmanuelle series; a series following the erotic, bizarre and occasionally violent travels of Emanuelle, a globe-trotting, hedonistic investigative journalist.  Laura Gemser really made a name for herself in Italian horror during the 1970's and 1980's.  With seventeen horror credits to her name, Gemser was an extremely busy lady.  More interesting perhaps was her jump to costume design, where Laura was the designer for both Troll 2 and Troll 3

The split pea spitting, cursing, blasphemous, head spinning, demon possessed Reagan MacNeil of The Exorcist is a character that has haunted nightmares for generations.  Starting off her career in the horror genre, Linda Blair has stayed predominately in the horror genre for most of her career.  Whether playing her iconic role or even parodying it, Linda Blair is well aware of how she made herself a household name and has never left her fans behind.  From 2000-2006, Linda Blair was the host of the popular haunted house television series Scariest Places On Earth, and had a cameo role in Scream.  Horror is definitely a staple in Linda Blair's life and we as horror fans should embrace the fact that unlike most actresses who get their start in horror (I'm looking at you Katherine Heigl) she has never once abandoned us and has always kept us at the top of her list of loving fanboys and fangirls.  With twenty one horror credits to her name, Linda Blair is one of the sweethearts of horror...and has an Academy Award nomination for it to prove it. 

Laurie Strode may be the woman many most quickly associate with the beloved Halloween franchise, but the godmother of The Shape is none other than Debra Hill.   John Carpenter even credits her as being the other half of the 50/50 writing cred for Halloween, Halloween II, and Halloween III: Season of the Witch. She also worked alongside him in The Fog. Outside of working with Carpenter, she produced The Dead Zone, Head Office, Escape from NY, World Trade Center, and two of my favorite cult classics: Clue and Adventures in Babysitting. She was honored by Women in Film in 2003. After years of having people not taking her seriously because she was a woman, Hill became one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood. She recalled the transition from being called "sweetheart" and "darling" in her early years as a producer to the respectful "ma'am". She was an incredibly influential screenwriter and producer and gave wonderful pieces of cinema for us to treasure for generations to come.

Obviously, there are PLENTY of women and films that have yet to be uncovered, but who knows...maybe they'll make an appearance under another letter.  Stay tuned to Day of the Woman for a continuation of this series and
for plenty of Women in Horror Recognition Month updates. 

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