Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This past weekend I was lucky enough to spend time with longtime friend and fellow horror nerd, Zach Shildwachter.  We had a horror filled extravaganza that included my taking his "Day of the Woman/I Spit On Your Grave" virginity, and the two of us enduring quite possibly the WORST film ever made (review to come soon).  It was definitely a weekend for the record books, but the biggest highlight was when Zach asked if I would be willing to be a model for some of his work.  Just look at that face, how could I say no?  Zach is also toying around the idea of auditioning for SyFy's FACE OFF (something he should totally do) and what kind of uber nerd would I be if I didn't help support the creative process?  Zach is an extremely talented makeup artist and his simplistic and organic approach was wonderful to watch and even nicer to experience. He's a righteous dude. Nuff said.

Below are the progress pictures of his hard work.

Now a while back, a little over 2 years ago, Zach visited our friends John Squires of FreddyInSpace.com with the legendary Kristy Jett and met the infamous Jesse Bartel. Over the course of the 4 Loko fueled weekend (read about it here) Zach somehow managed to Sharpie some spiffy website adverts on the chests of my compadres. Being all the way in Chicago and left out of said visit, I joked that she wanted the same treatment for this site. Zach was more than happy to pay me back for two year wait.
I'm also extremely stubborn and refused to take off the liquid latex the smart way. I should have listened to my makeup artist, he really does know best. In all seriousness, Zach is a dream to work with. He's very conscious of his model and understands that not every face is going to look the same as the stock ones you're given to practice with.  He's remarkably talented and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to sit for him.

I want to use some of the photos he did as part of my promotional package. 
If you have any favorites, comment with them below!

Check out Zach's other works on his site Awkward Creations
Read his horror journalism over at The Blood Sprayer 
Creep on his personal life at his tumblr Off Color Commentary 

3 comment(s):

Shannon LeClerc said...

I like the photos IMG_218 and IMG_222, they give more of a creepy vibe with the lighting and the expression your face.

Kweeny Todd said...

Those are awesome! Nice work all!

Erik (Drunketh) said...

This is hot!

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