Friday, October 7, 2011


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Kweeny Todd said...

LUV the Shirt! <3

Well if you are poor as fuck, I would suggest going through your wardrobe and seeing if you got anything that could be altered. It's what I do when I'm shit ass poor. I did an amazing death costume with pieces of things I already had around the house (then again I love costuming so I got cool things like skull masks on hand) Just my humble suggestion for ya. :)

Anonymous said...

Y'know, it might just be 'cause I watched it a few days ago, but here's a thought... maybe the main gal from Dance of the Dead? Get yourself a nice pink dress, a fake ax, a little blood, and as the French say... voila! Sexy, spooky, comfy, and on the cheap.

Just a thought. Hopefully it doesn't suck too much. If it does, I hope it gets your brain movin' in the right direction.


Zach S. said...

Sooooooooo glad you're doing vids again.

I say go as Ginger from GINGER SNAPS. You can do a nice bite mark fairly easily with make-up (yes, even the stuff you just put on your face). You can put the white streak in your hair (or not), you can make your own fangs and ears if you so desire (Google that shit) and I would smear fake blood down one side of your thigh.

Blaaaaam! Just wear some tight regular clothes and see if anyone gets it. If they don't, then they are stupid and you shouldn't let them go to school with you.

Or make a fantasy come true and go as MACHINE GIRL -

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