Monday, October 10, 2011


The always fabulous Christine Hadden over at Fascination With Fear is spending her October putting her compulsive list-making to good use.  Every day in October, she's putting up a list.  Seriously. Every. Freaking. Day. Welp, yesterday she posted a list dedicated to nine of her biggest guilty pleasures.  She's inspired me to analyze my own guilty pleasures, and I'm going to pass the savings on to you!  Without further ado, here's my personal list of my biggest guilty pleasures.
The movie with killer plants, the movie where Mark E. Mark talks to a fake tree, the movie where Zooey Deschanel does nothing but STARE for 2 hours wait, that's every thing she's ever done, and the movie that put the nail in the coffin on M. Night Shamalahymen's credibility.  On paper, this is quite possibly one of the worst films of the last ten years.  The premise had so much promise, but the ill-timed comic relief, poor casting choices, and misguided vision of the director bit everyone involved in the ass.  It just didn't work.  Well, for most people.  I happen to find this film hilarious and I could watch it all day, every day if only to watch Abigail Breslin's less talented brother try to go gangster on a door.  Sue me. I like what I like and I like this movie.
So, remember that time Stephen King tried to direct the film version of one of his films and made the soundtrack comprised of nothing but AC/DC music and gave the guy from Mighty Ducks a huge romantic/heroic lead role? too.  This film is ridiculous, pure and utter chaos, and I can't get enough of it.  I mean, THERE'S A VENDING MACHINE THAT TRIES TO KILL YOU! How can you not get behind a film like that?  Oh yeah, because the voice of Lisa Simpson spends 90% of the film screaming "Curtis" while wearing an outfit she stole from Blossom's closet.
You know what?  I don't care that George A. Romero tried to make films that weren't about zombies.  I freaking love this film.  I love it so much, I wrote a love letter to the protagonist for Romero Week over at Freddy In Space.  Get off me, I like it.
Clive Barker characters are usually very hit or miss for most people.  The general consensus seems to be that Rawhead Rex was a miss.  A pagan God gets a little cranky and destroys everything in its path, and it that.  There's ridiculous gore. It's Irish. I like the accents. Deal with it.
What could possibly be worse than waking up in the middle of a sexual fantasy only to find out you're actually eating out the wound of road kill?  Nothing, except the fact that I proudly own this monstrosity on DVD. I guess this is cheating considered I have a hell of a lot of sentimental value tied to this film.  This film is ridiculous in every sense of the word, and the music sounds like something left over from a failed Disney Channel series.  Despite all of its glaring issues, I could watch this film anytime, anywhere.

Okay, I'm going to cut myself off at 5 before I destroy any more of my credibility. 
Peace, Love, & Brains <3

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Mike D. said...

Maximum Overdrive is awesome, love that film.

I need to check out Rawhead Rex and Monster Man, something to look forward to this weekend, thanks!

DrunkethWizerd said...

*Sigh* Now I've gotta see Monster Man. Thanks a lot!

Pax Romano said...

There is one scene in The Happening that always gets's the construction guys throwing themselves off the roof of the building in downtown Philadelphia. It's such a disturbing but beautiful moment in an otherwise dreadful film. True story, a guy I work with appeared in that film as one of the train conductors.

As for Bruiser...what a great movie that might have been had Sharon Stone not walked away, and the studio pulled its funding forcing Romero to retool and recast.

Anonymous said...

Destroy your credibility? Ha! No freakin' way! I love the majority of those films (haven't seen Monster Man or Rawhead Rex, and sorry, no matter how awful it is, I can't bring myself to enjoy The Happening). I've loved Bruiser ever since I first saw it, and proudly have my signed DVD (by Mr. Tom Atkins himself, boo-yah!) on display for all to see. To Hell with those who don't dig it. And Maximum Overdrive? How could somebody hate that? "Curtis!?! Are yoo da-yad?" :) Awesome-ness!

I'd love to see more posts on your "guilty pleasures", as it seems they're nothin' to be ashamed of. Well, either that, or we both have extremely crummy taste in movies.


Natural Blonde Killer said...

I also own Monster Man, it's one of my favourites. Even got my boyfriend to watch it, and was happy that he enjoyed it almost as much as I do.

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