Saturday, August 13, 2011


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Spike Ghost said...

Damn it!!! I want to watch this so much but i know i will regret it if i do! WHY MUST YOU TORTURE ME LIKE THIS? XD

Elliot Ibáñez said...

Nice!!! an lucky me, I've seen all those films, so no spoilers :)

Anonymous said...

I loved this, except for the ending to the Night of the Living Dead. Arguably, Ben was not shot because he was mistaken for a zombie, he was shot because he was black. The police that shot him took very careful aim, even though he was in a house and if he had been a zombie wouldn't have presented an immediate threat. It was 1968, and even though we were moving forward with human rights and equality for all races, I think Romero used that as a sign of what they times were still like back then. They would have known no one would question why he was really shot and it would have been assumed he was a zombie.

there's my 2 cents. Probably only worth 1/2 a cent though.

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