Tuesday, July 26, 2011


For all of us who missed comic-con (raises hand in shame) we not only missed the plethora of cosplay brilliance, but some of the best panels and debates. Everyone knows that I'm a straight up Scott Kenemore fangirl, so I'll watch just about anything where he's talking. Unfortunately this is sort of overtaken by Max Brooks (who's a total windbag, as it seems) but this panel of Zombie Authors has brought some interesting arguments to the table. Thoughts?

Oh Scott Kenemore...you fox.

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Kweeny Todd said...

Oh Comicon. I will go to you someday. Oh yes, I will.

But anyhow, what this video reminded me of is when the panelists were talking about how some things stick and some don't, I thought of this short film a friend of mine made about zombies. I thought he had a neat idea of having a living person cover themselves in zombie blood, so when the zombie "sniffed" around for the living person, he couldn't smell the girl hiding.

I like seeing the interesting ideas people come up with to put new spins on zombies. Whether they eat brains or not. :)

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