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Hailing from the Illinois River Valley, Marc Wilkinson is a film student at Columbia College, beginning his senior year.  With a lifelong love affair with filmmaking, Marc has been making his own dramatic shorts since 2006, along with viral videos, music videos and commercials. His short film Sardines premiered at the Illinois International Film Festival last year, but the last several years have been spent directing shorts, writing features, and crewing on advanced project. Marc's next project is a short film entitled The October Crisis.  Once completed, he will be taking the short with him to L.A. in hopes of turning it into a feature film.  While Marc isn't creating a horror film, he has shown promise in his film making and is more than deserving to earn a featured spot here at Day of the Woman.  I was able to find out first hand what this film is hoping to convey, and I must admit...I'm excited for it.

"The October Crisis" was created first by deciding on a theme, as all my work is. While listening to the song "The Last Lost Continent" by La Dispute, I began wondering what drives a person to want to kill, and not only kill, but kill passionately. From my observation of the world, I often see the root of this to be differences in personal belief - belief without logic or reason. But I didn't see religion as the problem - I saw people taking their beliefs to the extreme as the issue. So I started crafting this film about what happens when you let what you believe about a situation convince you to act violently, with religion as the setting. This turned into my feature screenplay, "The October Crisis". From there, I decided the best way to eventually get the feature made would be to shoot a part of it to show - but I didn't jsut want a scene or an opening. So I retailer ed some of the films core moments into a 12 page short that gives us the characters, the messege, and the tone in a self contained story that doesn't give away the overall plot or climax of its feature counterpart.-Marc Wilkinson

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