Thursday, June 2, 2011


It was back in February of 2009 that Day of the Woman started the popular "Woman of the Week" feature, and I started things off with the showcase of my personal favorite Scream Queen, PJ Soles.  It hit me a while back that I wanted to do a blogathon and after consulting with a handful of womanizers and my trusty comrades in the MGC, that I have made the executive decision to host Day of the Woman's very first blogathon-an entire week dedicated to PJ Soles.

During the last week of June and the start of July, Day of the Woman will be the home base for all things PJ Soles.  Anything and everything written for the blogathon will be showcased HERE on Day of the Woman and there will be gratuitous publicity for your site. It's that simple!   

If you want to join in, drop me an email at 
just so I can get an idea of how many articles we'll be linking to for the week.

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