Thursday, June 30, 2011


Alright, I LOVE me some Christine Hadden. Not only is she another firm fisted female horror buff, but she's the brains behind one of the best horror blogs (and easily the one with the best soundtrack) Fascination with Fear. She's also a dear friend of mine and a proud sister of the MGC.  She's a fellow LoTT-D member and one of the best writers I know.  Now that I've ended my rant on her awesomeness, let's get down to why I'm talking about her.

Christine has put together not just one, but TWO lists dedicated to Ms. PJ Soles.  Just to get an idea, here's a small excerpt of what you can expect.

You know the sign of a great actor?  When they can make you love and hate them on equal grounds. While I love her over-sexed, cheerleading obnoxiousness in Halloween, I have equal amounts of hate for her catty, bullying tomboy character in Carrie.  For an actress to gain my eternal respect they have to show layers of talent, and be able to both piss me off and make me laugh.  P.J. absolutely does this.

 Want more? Of course you do. Read the rest of the article

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