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Alright, I LOVE me some Christine Hadden. Not only is she another firm fisted female horror buff, but she's the brains behind one of the best horror blogs (and easily the one with the best soundtrack) Fascination with Fear. She's also a dear friend of mine and a proud sister of the MGC.  She's a fellow LoTT-D member and one of the best writers I know.  Now that I've ended my rant on her awesomeness, let's get down to why I'm talking about her.

Christine has put together not just one, but TWO lists dedicated to Ms. PJ Soles.  Just to get an idea, here's a small excerpt of what you can expect.

You know the sign of a great actor?  When they can make you love and hate them on equal grounds. While I love her over-sexed, cheerleading obnoxiousness in Halloween, I have equal amounts of hate for her catty, bullying tomboy character in Carrie.  For an actress to gain my eternal respect they have to show layers of talent, and be able to both piss me off and make me laugh.  P.J. absolutely does this.

 Want more? Of course you do. Read the rest of the article

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Rock 'N Roll band Local H have an entire album named after the woman overtaking the blogosphere this week. So I present to you, Local H's song "P.J. Soles"

FACT: BJ-C was born and raised in the same town the band Local H (the band performing the song P.J. Soles) is from. Clearly, we have great taste.

Monday, June 27, 2011


So the PJ Soles blogathon is going off with a bang, and I must ask..."see anything you like"? 

 Today we have

brought to you by the brilliant minds behind Pussy Goes GRRR.  Clicking this link will satisfy your appetite for all things Lynda Van der Klock by spoon-feeding some of the best screen caps of her sad and very, very sexy demise.  


Acidemic has gone out of the horror realm to bring us the greatest combination of cult classic and rock 'n' roll for the punk generation by showcasing PJ Soles in Rock 'N Roll High School with 

I mean really, can you really top PJ Soles and the Ramones in one sitting? 
The answer is no, you can not.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


Today launches what I hope to be a fantastic week dedicated to the highly underrated but always appreciated, PJ Soles.  We're going to start things off on Day of the Woman by showcasing the article that started it all, the very first Woman of the Week ever written on DotW.

This week, we are featuring P.J. Soles. While she has quite a resume ranging from television to the silver screen, she is being glorified for her two most recognizable roles in the horror genre. [Not to say Rock 'N' Roll High School wasn't awesome].  P.J. Soles got her BIG moment in horror as most memorable playing red hat wearing bitch Norma Watson in the adaptation of Stephen King's Carrie.  Norma was a wonderful little toadie to the queen bee of bitchery Chris Hargensen.  Norma is infamous for being the first person to laugh at the pig's blood covered Carrie White at the prom (all while still wearing that damn red hat). That first laugh is what sparked the haunting reprise of Margaret White pleading "They're All Going To Laugh AT You".  P.J. really kept herself in character, as she received an actual injury on set.  When Carrie starts to kill off all those who tormented and laughed at her, a firehouse begins spraying wickedly around the gym.  Norma is infamously hit in the face with the hose and drops down on the floor (still wearing that damn hat).  The scene we have all witnessed on film was P.J. Stoles actually having her eardrum burst by the water and passing out on the floor.  Talk about commitment to a role!

On the night of October 31st, 1978, one Lynda Van Der Klock had planned to meet up with her friends [Annie Blackett and her boyfriend Paul] at the Wallace resident for some "fun". Little does Lynda know, Annie has been murdered by Michael Myers. Thus, sets us up for one of the most iconic scenes from Halloween ever.  

Lynda has sex with her boyfriend Bob when he goes downstairs for a beer.  While he is downstairs Michael pins him to the wall with a knife.  He then disguises himself as Bob by wearing a white sheet over his head and Bob's glasses. Lynda of course believes it to be Bob and begins to flash him her breasts. Now, as a completely heterosexual female, P.J. Soles looks pretty decent naked, especially for the 70's.  She gets up to call her buddy Laurie Strode to see if she knows where Annie and Paul are.  The second that Laurie picks up, Michael Myers grabs the phone cord and strangles Lynda with it. Of course Laurie assumes its a prank call and just hangs up the phone. Lynda falls dead and Laurie finds them later on.  Now for those who are thinking I'm a complete moron for describing one of the most infamous scenes that "everybody" knows about; there is a method to my madness. People don't realize how iconic P.J. Soles helped make that scene.  Go check your local Hot Topic or Spencer's gift store to discover that you yourself can have your very own Michael Myers [wearing bed sheet and glasses] figurine. Now, this scene may not have been as wonderful without Soles.  The role of Lynda was specifically written for Soles after John Carpenter had seen her in Carrie, and because of the way she said "totally".  Without P.J. Soles, or the character of Lynda, this scene may never have even taken place.

A band originating from my hometown even has an album dedicated to her. Check out Local H's album "What Ever Happened to P.J. Soles?"

P.J. Soles will forever live in infamy as one of the most treasured women in horror. Everyone recognized her as dying in all of the horror films, but it is my goal to put a name to a face. Thank-you P.J. Soles for being wonderful, and making such classic films all the more memorable.  

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


As always, this feature is stolen from Day of the Woman's big brother blog, The Vault of Horror.

Ladies and Gentlemen, BJ-C has finally entered the work force.  Hold your applause, I know.  I'm working at a hotel, expect a list of horror hotels/motels very soon.  If you have any you'd like to contribute, leave it in the comments!

So, I've become a tumblr addict. It's really bad. If you'd like, let's reblog crazy gifs from horror movies that no one has ever seen and be all pretentious and stuff...That's what you do on tumblr, right? You can follow me here.

I had an epiphany yesterday, Silent Hill is probably the best horror video game franchise. I know people get rock hard over Milla as Alice in Resident Evil, and there's only been one SH movie...but it's all about quality over quantity.  The games are far superior to RE IMO and I don't think I'll ever get sick of the film.  Even when it's crappily edited on SyFy, it still tickles my fancy.  Not that I'm biased due to my epic Halloween costume or anything.

My mother, who is undoubtedly the biggest Halloween fanatic I know, was finally introduced to Zombieween I and II.  Her response? " he changed the entire movie? That's stupid".  Thanks Mom :D

Anyone out there with any sort of apple product capable of downloading Army of Darkness Defense, needs to. I hate to admit that I have spent an ungodly amount of time beating that game.  Once I made it to the "neverending level" I restarted the whole thing and I'm doing it all over again. It's just the gift that keeps on giving.

Big thanks to Douglas Gallagher for sending me an incredible horror care package of DVD's and shirts.  I will be reconstructing the shirts for a more "girly" fit and posting the results on here!


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hailing from the Illinois River Valley, Marc Wilkinson is a film student at Columbia College, beginning his senior year.  With a lifelong love affair with filmmaking, Marc has been making his own dramatic shorts since 2006, along with viral videos, music videos and commercials. His short film Sardines premiered at the Illinois International Film Festival last year, but the last several years have been spent directing shorts, writing features, and crewing on advanced project. Marc's next project is a short film entitled The October Crisis.  Once completed, he will be taking the short with him to L.A. in hopes of turning it into a feature film.  While Marc isn't creating a horror film, he has shown promise in his film making and is more than deserving to earn a featured spot here at Day of the Woman.  I was able to find out first hand what this film is hoping to convey, and I must admit...I'm excited for it.

"The October Crisis" was created first by deciding on a theme, as all my work is. While listening to the song "The Last Lost Continent" by La Dispute, I began wondering what drives a person to want to kill, and not only kill, but kill passionately. From my observation of the world, I often see the root of this to be differences in personal belief - belief without logic or reason. But I didn't see religion as the problem - I saw people taking their beliefs to the extreme as the issue. So I started crafting this film about what happens when you let what you believe about a situation convince you to act violently, with religion as the setting. This turned into my feature screenplay, "The October Crisis". From there, I decided the best way to eventually get the feature made would be to shoot a part of it to show - but I didn't jsut want a scene or an opening. So I retailer ed some of the films core moments into a 12 page short that gives us the characters, the messege, and the tone in a self contained story that doesn't give away the overall plot or climax of its feature counterpart.-Marc Wilkinson

Help support Marc Wilkinson and The October Crisis by visiting their indiegogo page


This review does contain mild spoilers, but will not ruin the novel for you.  Read at your own discretion

What can I say about John Ajvide Lindqvist that hasn't already been said?  To put it simply, the man is a genius.  Lindqvist delivered us Let The Right One In which was later turned into one of (if not the) greatest vampire film since Dracula, a film that I will personally admit saved my sanity and my life.  Let's just say that not reading this book just wasn't a possibility.  Handling the Undead is a book that explores the zombie mythos in a direction that I personally have never experienced.  From the other reviews I had been skimming before I opened the cover, it seems that one of my favorite attributes was the one that killed it (no pun intended) for them.  Lindqvist's zombies don't eat flesh nor brains.  We must remember that before Romero, zombies weren't hell bent on eating the living, they just existed.  These are the zombies that Lindqvist is bringing us back to. A butterfly beats its wings somewhere in the universe - and an electrical field lowers itself over Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and causes a piercing headache in everyone as well as making it impossible to turn of any electrical appliances or machines. When the field lifts, something has changed - the recently deceased have come back to life... - and they want to come home.  The recently deceased is the best way to put it.  The zombies in this novel are somewhat fresh as anything dead longer than two months is unable to rise.  These zombies have one main function, using what little impulse memory they still possess and allowing it to guide them home.  In my opinion, Lindqvist's lack of feeding frenzies or shots to the head made it quite possibly the most realistic interpretation of an actual zombie outbreak.  If you are intending to pick up a book and find yourself engulfed in a world of headshots, blood, screams, and cries of "brains", then you should consider picking a different book.  What you will find within the 300 something pages is a story that will force you to reflect on your own life and evaluate the people you cherish the most.   

The book follows three different and yet somehow intertwined families. David and his son Magnus lose the mother of the family, Eva when she died in a car accident only a few hours before the dead have risen.  This makes Eva the less decomposed of all the zombies and it is because of this that she is seen as a special case for the authorities...especially when she speaks.  The second family is athiest/anarchist Flora and her devoutly religious grandmother Elvy, who are visited by Elvy's husband when he returns home after walking out of the morgue.  The most painful of the families is that of 6 year old Elias, his mother Anna, grandfather Mahler. Elias died barely two months earlier and Mahler took it upon himself to dig Elias out.

The focus of this story is not of the zombies themselves, but those who are forced to take care of them.  If they're not eating people or causing any harm, how can you justify destroying them?  The novel explores the different obstacles we are willing to overcome in order to take care of those we love.  Much like jellyfish though, they adapt to their surroundings....through thought.  This is where I put my foot down and stop spoiling the book, because it's something that needs to be read to understand.

While Handling the Undead is in no way as powerful as Let the Right One In, I almost find it a bit unfair to compare the two, as they are vastly different novels.  This book was incredibly interesting and if you have the ability to read it, do so.  It's a quick read, but a very different one at that.  
“I believe…there is a place where happiness exists. A place, and a time.”

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Thanks to my friend Justin for sending me the link to this.


It was back in February of 2009 that Day of the Woman started the popular "Woman of the Week" feature, and I started things off with the showcase of my personal favorite Scream Queen, PJ Soles.  It hit me a while back that I wanted to do a blogathon and after consulting with a handful of womanizers and my trusty comrades in the MGC, that I have made the executive decision to host Day of the Woman's very first blogathon-an entire week dedicated to PJ Soles.

During the last week of June and the start of July, Day of the Woman will be the home base for all things PJ Soles.  Anything and everything written for the blogathon will be showcased HERE on Day of the Woman and there will be gratuitous publicity for your site. It's that simple!   

If you want to join in, drop me an email at 
just so I can get an idea of how many articles we'll be linking to for the week.

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I cannot handle my excitement, and it is for this reason that I came up with an idea...
Don't know what a blogathon is? Have no fear. 
A blogathon is when a blog hosts a week completely dedicated to a topic/person and that blog, along with many others all submit posts having to do with that topic/person.
Got it?

Well, since this is Day of the Woman, let's see if we can brainstorm some ideas for a female centered blogathon.  How about a week dedicated to one of the original Scream Queens, or female director week, or, or, or, or the possibilities are endless.

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