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Towards the end of April, Dread Central did a post on the Top Ten Tearjerker moments in horror and that same day, Johnny Squires of Freddy in Space compiled a list of his own.  I'm quite the fan of lists and I'll be the first to admit that I'm a total girl when it comes to watching horror movies.  A lot of people think that because I've watched so many horror movies that I'm completely desensitized but it really isn't the case.  I get scared out of my mind and yes, cry.  I've been thinking long and hard about it and have made as many attempts as humanly possible not to copy other moments featured on the lists.  THIS LIST CONTAINS A HOARD OF SPOILERS.  You have been warned. Proceed with caution.

Johnny featured a later episode of this series but my vote had to go to the pilot episode of AMC's The Walking Dead, which held absolutely nothing back and delivered one of the most gut wrenching moments of horror television history.  Poor Morgan and his son have been holding up refuge in their house as the zombie apocalypse surrounds them.  Unfortunately, their wife was not as lucky.  There are moments before that are pretty depressing as their son looks out the door and sees his zombified mother attempting to return home, but knowing she'll just try to eat him he is forced to let her alone.  In the show's final moments, we see Morgan telling his son to stay in his room as he tries to line up a shot to finally end his wife's zombified life once and for all.  That moment, that single last frame is what got me hooked to the rest of the series.
I've stated many, many times that I am a total sucker when it comes to children being offed in horror films.  I don't care how demented or demonic they are...my heart will absolutely sink.  Sometimes horror movies really don't hold anything back and they kill off children who were absolutely innocent.  I freaking DIE everytime Gage gets killed by the truck in Pet Sematary.  I don't even know why.  That shot of the child's shoe bouncing across the road and the sound of the screeching brakes...I can't even handle it.  My eyes start burning every single time without fail.
I'm going for a stretch in calling this a horror movie, but it contains enough supernatural forces to walk the line between thriller and horror. In general, this a pretty damn depressing film.  It deals with people voluntarily dying for one minute before being revived in order to see if there truly is life after death.  The red flags should be shooting up by now.  Some of the people end up passing, and some of them experience crazy after effects.  However, there is nothing more gut wrenching than watching Julia Robert's character, Rachel, reunite with her deceased father who had been haunting her after she "flatlined".  Holy Waterworks, Batman.
It was always you, Helen.  While this movie is famous for playing the urban legend "man in the mirror, say the name five times" game, it has by far one of the most depressing endings I've ever seen.  The poor woman has spent the entire movie trying to prove her innocence and prove that a supernatural being is the one murdering people, and how is she repayed?  DYING IN A FIRE WHILE RESCUING A BABY.  Set that alongside Phillip Glass' score and you're almost destined to feel sad.
AWIL is a comedy, yes, but the ending of this film is filled with just as much "oh, come on!" as the ending of Night of the Living Dead.  After everything he's been through, we just want to see him prance away in his wolfy wonderment...and it doesn't happen. So, freaking, sad.
Okay, so everyone is including this on their list. I might as well do the same.  The ending of this movie was honestly the first time that I literally stared at a screen in disbelief.  Stephen King himself has even said that he can't believe he didn't think of it.  I've attempted to try and wrap my head around the emotional turmoil he must feel at the end of this film, and absolutely nothing comes even remotely close to accidentally resembling what he must have felt.  I'm not spoiling it, just watch it and get back to me.
 Oh, and this entire freaking movie. Tragically beautiful. Simple and Perfect.

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Spike Ghost said...

You love making lists, and i love reading them. :D
It's a really interesting list even though i haven't seen any of those movies (except for "Let the right One In" from the gif at the end).

Though i love that the first link you posted included the Buffy episode "The Body". It's my favorite episode and i cry so much every time.

Spike Ghost said...

WAIT! I LIED! I also have seen An American Werewolf in London and i agree on how depressing the ending is. But i love how it's at the same time really sad and funny.

Marvin the Macabre said...

I'd like to add Jack Ketchum's The Girl Next Door. I won't spoil it for you, but it is the only horror movie ever to make me cry (Martyrs came close)>

Lady Ash said...

American Werewolf in London brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it. David's death brings me intense anguish but it's Alex's reaction to him being shot that turns on the waterworks for me.

Another scene that makes me a bit misty eyed is in Dawn of the Dead. I'm talking of course of Roger's zombie transformation and Peter having to put the bullet in his head. The expression on Steven and Fran's faces after the gunshot is a real poignant moment for me. You can tell how close they were with him, therefore feeling their pain.

Chris Hewson said...

Was that last one from Let The Right One In?

John W. Morehead said...

Great choices. I concur.

Spooky Sean said...

The Mist destroys me! Funny, because there is a scene in The Punisher, where Tom Jane is doing the same thing, like wailing over his dead family. I cry during both, but come on, it's sad Tom Jane, how could you not?!

Faycin A Croud said...

I also cried when Lance Henriksen's son gets killed in Pumpkinhead. The Gage scene gets me too. The Mist was well done but I was pissed at the way it ended because it got to me emotionally. I liked King's ambiguous ending better.
The word verification is "pallogs." That has to be an insult of some sort.

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