Wednesday, May 25, 2011


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titania86 said...

I can't believe it's even being seriously considered. I totally agree that Megan Fox would make it a huge joke and undermine any real meaning the story originally had Why does there need to be a remake of Carrie anyway? Wasn't there just one a couple of years ago?

JimmyD said...

Happy Birthday!!

First: Redoing 'Carrie' is a crap idea. I hope it doesn't happen. I actually gave that crap TV movie a break cos they were doing the Rain of Stones. Which I thought was kind of cool... but everything following that was crap.
I saw the Fox thing and I think it's just a rumor. Both Blohan and Fox are too old and haggard.
If they really do go ahead with this, they'd be smart to go with an unknown for the lead.
I disagree that this would be the end of Horror. This isn't a Horror project, it's a Hollywood Regurgitation project. I just ignore these things anymore.
I did hear (was it here?) that the 'Mother's Day' redo was pretty good. But I'll probably never see it.
When it comes to redos... I choose not to see them. They just encourage me to pop in the original.

hannibal said...

gettin sooo tired of the plague named horror remakes/reimaginings/reboots etc... this must be, what, the SECOND Carrie remake, what's next, gods???

anyway, although i don't have any deep rooted feelings against megan fox, i really don't get the connection the gal felt to the original character! i'm also against that godawful, unconvincing "trick" they're using so much lately, where u get a gorgeous babe, get her a pair of glasses, oil up her hair a little bit and then have her put on some disgusting clothes two to three sizes bigger just to create the illusion she is unpopular / ugly as #Uc& / repulsive when underneath all that anybode can still see a supermodel and wonder how tha #Uc& come no one else in that school sees the obvious, i mean COME ON!

Carrie is an inexperienced, misguided, frightened, doubtful, passively angsty teen, u need an actress that cannot just ACT it, but LOOK it as well. Megan Fox is not that actress, no matter how hard the makeup team works.

PS: Best wishes, BJ! adore ur blog.

Klood said...

Worst Idea since Twilight.

Jana said...

I can't believe it! How disappointing!

The Mike said...

There's one thing about this idea that I really, actually there isn't. Whew, that was a close one.

Although, I disagree to an extent on Lohan - if she were in a human mindset and 5 years younger I think she has the talent to pull it off. Alas, no dice.

Of course, the remake doesn't need to happen anyway. So let's just hope for that.

Fefe said...

I wouldn't be so upset for a remake but I'd be EXTREMELY annoyed if Megan Fox was cast as Carrie!! Ugh! I'm not gonna lie in saying I don't like Megan Fox but I do NOT think she is a good fit at ALL to play Carrie!!! By the way, BJ-C...I freakin' LOVE your blog! LOVE IT!!!

RoseOfTransylvania said...

She would be miscast.

Marvin the Macabre said...

Let's all breathe a collective sigh of relief, secure in the knowledge that this atrocity could never really happen.


If somehow Megan does manage to blow all the right people to get the green light for this project, all is not lost. The horror community is strong. We can stop this. We will start an online petition to shut it down while it's still in preproduction. We will threaten not only to boycott this monstrosity, but to protest outside of theaters Christian fundamentalist-style. If all else fails, we can post videos of our self-immolation.

We will not roll over on this one, horror community. Now who's with me?

Spike Ghost said...

I wanted to like Megan Fox, but she has no acting abilities whatsoever. She wants to be a serious actress but she is impossible to take seriously because of that, and it would be an outrage if the producers even thought this could be a good idea.

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