Thursday, April 21, 2011


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Pax Romano said...

let me know who is giving you grief...I got a bunch of uncles and cousins and baseball bats willing to take out some knees...err, that is, we will talk sweetly to them and make them understand that their non-constructive ways are doing nothing to further the debate. Yeah, that's the ticket.


Anonymous said...


i actually stumbled across dotw on accident and i thoroughly enjoy every post; i can't think of a time i've been disappointed by your perspective or subject matter. it breaks my heart to know that a friggin' psa is necessary but it is, after all, the internet where people can hide behind screen names and tout whatever they please.

the site is amazing and i adore it and thereby adore you.

and remember: if you can't beat them, arrange to have them beaten. <3

Darwinator said...

You go, girl! The Internet is many, many wonderful things, but it also brings out the a**holes. None of these folks would have the guts to repeat the things they write face-to-face (or even one-on-one email). If any of your 'readers' are (apparently)unhappy about your age and gender, why are they wasting their time reading your blog? (Rhetorical question: The answer, of course, is trolling.) Rest assured that there are many more of us who visit the blog for good writing and thoughtful opinions.I don't have to agree with you to find my time well-spent.

mwilliams1220 said...

One of the greatest things about the Internet, that it is a largely lawless frontier for people's self expression, is also one of its flaws; especially when someone's sole content is "I'm a big, stupid loudmouth."

Your blog and the community associated with it are a great example of the most rewarding potential the Internet has to offer: quality writing and a welcoming forum for discussion, debate, whatever.

I guess what I am trying to say is that your blog is to interesting and engaging to be distracted by the few nose thumbing individuals that may come along. The Internet is a big place and I am certain they will find a more welcoming place soon.


IndyGo Wylde said...

Amen. There are a lot of people out there who read your blog regardless of the idiotic opinions expressed by trolls,but I understand your desire to keep this as a peaceful, safe forum for discussing our shared love for horror movies both good and bad.
Keep the posts coming, and we will keep reading.


Great message BJ-C! I hope that whoever is bothering you and your readers stops it immediately. These blogs are supposed to be informative and fun....not a place to be bullied and bad mouthed!!!

Christopher Zenga said...

Hey BJ,

Great, GREAT! job with this. You are one of the most important women in the horror community and it is truly inspiring to see you stand up for DotW, your fans and friends.

You are to be commended!

Your friend,


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