Friday, March 4, 2011

MARCH MADNESS: Dr. Victor Frankenstein

This March, Day of the Woman will be doing a month-long celebration of all the mad scientists and cray-cray-crazy doctors.  Let the March Madness begin!

It would be a downright crime not to open up March Madness with a little insight on the granddaddy of all things mad scientist.  Dr. Victor Frankenstein is the man to birth THE most iconic monster in movie history.  (Step off Godzilla, Frankie takes this cake).

Despite Mary Shelley describing Dr. Frankenstein as a tragic character, he has been permanently ingrained into the minds of humanity as the king of the bat-sh*t scientists.  Not to mention the Victor Frankenstein of the Romantic period is not a doctor, as he is usually portrayed in adaptations, but a college dropout.  Eat your heart out, Bill Gates.  As for the "Baron" title? That's all movie magic too, and no title is given to his father, either, although they are quite the well to do family.  Most movies have portrayed Victor Frankenstein's as a man in his twenties or thirties. In the book, Victor was only nineteen when he created his monster.  Just swallow that in for a second.  The most memorable movie monster of all time was the brain child of a 19 year old drop-out.  I'm in college and twenty years old...and all I have is a blogspot site.  I'm clearly slacking.

Dr. Victor Frankenstein is the king of monsters and there has yet to be anyone coming to claim his throne anytime soon. 

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Bill Dan Courtney said...

GREAT! Nothng I love more than a mad scientist and hope you do a tribute post to the greatest mad scientist actor of them all John Carridine, a man who seemed to never say no to an acting job. I just watched Woddy Allen's everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex and Carradine spoofef himself in the film to perfection.

Bill @ The UCafe

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