Thursday, February 24, 2011


See how many films you can name :D

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Unknown said...

Rob Zombie's Halloween 2
The Village
Shaun of the Dead
An American Werewolf in London
Prom Night remake
not sure
Halloween H20
not sure
not sure
not sure
not sure
The Ring 2
The Ring
V For Vendetta
not sure
What Lies Beneath
Hot Fuzz
The Unborn
The Grudge
not sure
not sure
A Nightmare on Elm Street... I think 3: Dream Warriors?
not sure
still not sure
not sure
not sure
not sure
The Unborn... again
not sure
and it ends back on Phantasm

Well I've seen a decent amount at least.

southernish said...

Props should be given to the amazing Rich Juzwiak at FourFour ( for this, BTW.

Anonymous said...

That was pure awesomeness! Though the mirror trope really is overdone, isn't it? Figured there'd have to be some What Lies Beneath in there; I'll always remember that as the movie with the reflection in the bathtub and all the water imagery. Is it strange that I think the little boy from The Ring is as creepy as Samara? And loved the little bit from Hot Fuzz!

Unknown said...

I don't think I've ever used the mirror jump-scare in a story, but after seeing this video I can be pretty damned sure that I will never use it in a future story.

BJ Colangelo said...

@Staci-Rich Juzwiak had his promo info at the end of the video, so I just left it at that :D

IndyGo Wylde said...

It almost needs the mirror scene from Poltergeist to really complete it though. That one scared the bejezus out of me (I was pretty little when I saw it)

Alice Sweet said...

That is very cool... very unique idea. But it does show how over used that concept is.

Desolation Den

The Scream Queen said...

@Staci: I was just about the say the same thing. As soon as I saw the first frame, I knew it was from fourfour.

Horror Movie said...

This is actual cool... actual different idea. Thank you

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