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Kristy Jett is no stranger here on DotW, and she's surely becoming a household name for the die-hard horror fan.  When she's not running around conventions, cranking out amazing articles as the "First Lady of Filth" for The Blood Sprayer, lending her talents out to countless other printed horror media outlets, and being the most energetic member of the Fright-Rags family, Kristy Jett is righting all of the wrongs in the horror world.  Yes, my friends...a WOMAN is behind the patrol of all things proper for the horror industry.  Whether it's exposing journalists of their plagiarism, correcting the spelling and grammar of horror bloggers, putting douchebag directors in their place, or coming to the aide of any horror fan in need, Kristy Jett is the girl you want in your back corner.

While I could go on for days on the countless injustices Kristy has corrected, she has recently gone above and beyond the call of duty.

A man named John Gray was supposedly putting on the mother of all F13 conventions, Camp Blood.  This convention was to host over 70 guests ranging from the original F13 film and even people from the television series.  For a Crystal Lake Camper, this sounded too good to be true...and it was.  There were tons of celebrities that not only had never heard of the convention (let alone agreed to be a part of it), the date was pushed to a different occasions (and refunds were NOT given), and he was altering people's posts on forums to make himself look better.  This is just the tip of the iceburg, but Kristy did full coverage of it over at The Blood Sprayer. 

When Kristy saw this injustice, she didn't just pout her face and write an angsty facebook status with the caps key locked on, she actually DID something.  She didn't go about her business and sit back, she knew something had to change.  While most people in the horror blogging world are too busy using their time to write half-ass reviews of shitty movies or kissing asses to hack-job directors simply because they know how to personalize a mass e-mail...Kristy Jett actually DID something for the horror community out of the kindness of her heart without the hopes that it would bring her some sort of e-celebrity.

  • Kristy has teamed up with Bill Philputt and Adolfo Dorta, the creators of Days of The Dead, a convention which takes place July 1st-3rd in Indianapolis, Indiana to give back to the fans who have been taken advantage of. Bill and Adolfo have generously offered to honor any tickets for Camp Blood at their convention. In addition to that generous offer, they are in discussions with another convention to try and get the same offer to allow fans a variety of shows to choose from to redeem their Camp Blood tickets. All we need is proof that you purchased for Camp Blood like a Paypal receipt,etc.
  • The Rock N Shock Convention which takes place in October in Massachusetts will also honor Camp Blood tickets.  With Bill, Adolfo and Don Hinrichs, creator of Crypticon Minneapolis, [they] are organizing an auction, all proceeds will be split equally to affected fans from Camp Blood. The auction will consist mainly of Horror celebrity autographs, but will also include Horror memorabilia. [They] are accepting any donations fans would like to make to this auction, look on your shelves and find it in your heart to donate to this cause. Fans helping fans.
  • Last, [they] will be accepting donations to add to the auction fund in the hopes that combining all of that, our fellow fans will receive the money they so generously paid to John Gray, who has given every excuse in the book as to why he cannot refund them. 
  • Donations can be made via Paypal to bloodsprayertmcirca1986@gmail.com.
  • Any questions about any of the details for ticket redemptions to Days of The Dead, the auction or donations can be directed to: bloodsprayertmcirca91986@gmail.com
  • [They] hope to have the auction take place by the end of February, depending on how long it takes donations to get to us. But rest assured, there will be no excuses. Our one hope is that between the auction and donations we can make the roughly $3500 it will take to refund these customers. Granted this figure could change, but that is the goal right now.

So you see, women don't have to be an actress, a director, or a something of the media sort to make a difference in the horror community. You just have to have passion for the genre and a selfless heart.  We need more women like Kristy Jett.  Thank-you, Kristy for all that you've done.

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Pax Romano said...

Wow, this Kristy Jett a regular Norma Rae, another Erin Brockovich...how come I've never heard of her? ;)

Emily said...

Kristy needs to be cloned and air-dropped in every city in need of a hero. Step 1 to making the world a better place.

SpiderSpirit said...

I am so proud to count this woman among my friends. For me, she is truly an inspiration, and for my family, seeing her and catching up is always one of the highlights of the conventions we attend. I'm delighted that she is being recognized for her good work and for the remarkable person she is.

Don "of the Dead" Hinrichs said...

Its an honor to work with Kristy to try to make this right. She is a treasure to the horror community and all should show their appreciation when you see her.

Danielle said...

I think this is amazing. I know both John and his brother Daniel, but all I heard was lame ass bullshit excuses about why it wasn't happening and why they couldn't refund tickets. I'm glad someone is fixing this. :)

Mike Snoonian said...

It's pretty fantastic that Kristy's exposed the scam for what it is AND found an organization willing to help out those that were ripped off.

Writing Half-ass Reviews of Shitty Movies & Kissing The Asses Of Hack-Job Directors Since 2009 is now the tagline under our banner.

Kid Sis said...

Yaaaay! So glad you're celebrating Kristy!

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