Tuesday, February 1, 2011



I'm super excited to announce that not only am I without school for the day (thank you snowpocalypse 2011) but today starts WOMEN IN HORROR RECOGNITION MONTH!

I am beyond excited to announce today that I am running a joint contest with none other than one of the greatest horror artists in the damn world, Chris Zenga. Chris is the man infamously behind the "Cthul-YOU" series, "ZomBJ-C" and the man who created the image for Mr. and Ms. Horror Blogosphere 2009.

In Honor of Women in horror month we are having a fantastic contest that could score you a print of one of his newest illustrations. We are keeping the drawing a secret for the moment but let me tell you, This is a special one that is ALL ABOUT Women in Horror!

So, here is how you enter. 
All February long we want you to email (either Chris or Myself)
"Who your favourite Woman in Horror is and why."
 OR post your fave's at his site, or at mine
We will read EVERY submission and our favourite answer will WIN BIG! 
So be creative and be honest and let's celebrate ALL Women in Horror.

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Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

Here is my submission...

I would definitely pick Baby Firefly from House of 1000 Corpses and the Devil’s Rejects. I like how she can lure you in with her charm but the minute you piss her off - watch out! In ways I am the same way. I can be nice to you but the minute you cross me it's over. Not to mention I am a huge horror fan and I love the concept of her killing…….she laughs in your face and still looks hot while doing it! Sheri Moon Zombie also happens to be one of my idols. I simply adore her. I actually have a Baby Firefly tattoo on my leg and have met her a couple of times. She is simply a beautiful person all around hands down and amazing to her fans. If I was famous I would want to be the same way.

Daph said...

Shannon Lark is the Spunkiest, Go getter of a Horror gal I have ever met! And by golly I have met her and watched her perform on Stage. She has THE BEST Scream I have Ever heard!!! And yes Horror fans you can judge a woman by her scream and by the content of their character. Shannon Lark is All Aces. And that's just the performance side of her. She supports Women In Horror, is out there putting effort on the direction of Horror movies, and WHO KNOWS what else this woman is up too, traveling, public speaking WOW. The list is probably waaaay too long for this post. If your not convinced yet, go to youtube and check out the parody of Shoes called Brains lol Shes a peach, I'd vote for Shannon Lark for President (USA) any day of the week:)

Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton in the Waxwork remake was quite possibly the scariest thing I've seen in a while. The acting was just shocking. Shockingly bad. I mean who would pay her to do anything other than hold a chiuhua and make an ass of herself?

I could be obvious and go with Linda Blair, but in all seriousness though my vote for best woman in horror would go to Zelda Rubinstein. http://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Zelda+Rubinstein&view=detail&id=848C5A44C9281F65DE5194B76D6B25C8F346D120&first=1&FORM=IDFRIR She has done so much for horror! Obviously she is most known for the Poltergheist movies which are classic- but even in her lesser known roles, she elevated anything she was a part of. She even made what would have been just an OK episode of Tales from the Crypt so much better! She was little and weird and creepy and awsome and her death last year was a big loss to not just the horror genre but entertainment at large. She's underrated but she has definately earned herself a place on your list IMO.

Christopher Zenga said...

GREAT picks! I can't wait to see what the rest of the month brings.

chubungie said...

My favorite woman in horror is Angela Bettis. I was first amazed by her performance in "May" and haav loved everything I have seen her in since. I especially like her quirky take on her character, Ida Teeter, in the Masters of Horror flick "Sick Girl".

Angela tends to do more independent movies than mainstream, but it is not due to a lack of talent. She also Directed "Roman" an excellent little indie flick.

I love Angela Bettis!!!!

Abhishek Duggal said...

Paris Hilton in House of Wax for obvious reasons :p

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