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Hello my darling Womanizers!

This is the official prize for the winner of the Chris Zenga/ BJ-C Woman in Horor contest. You have until THIS TUESDAY!!! to enter you can contact me HERE or by emailing me at or Chirs HERE at The Day After to enter and have a chance to win a print of this very famous woman in horror.

So, here is how you enter. All February long we want you to email (either BJ or myself) who your favourite Woman in Horror is and why. That's it. Seriously, that's it. Whichever one Chris and I choose, will be the proud owner of this AWESOME rendition of the iconic poster for Day of the Woman.

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1) Note my: "Mmhm Girl, Please" face in the screencap
2) IT CUT ME OFF. So add "Peace, Love, and Brains" with your imagination :D

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There is absolutely nothing cute about little girls.  I should know, I was one.  Even when they're all dolled up with pig-tails and frilly socks, they still look like horrifying porcelain dolls but with the ability to speak and move.  Don't believe me? Try sitting through a two-hour special of TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras, then come talk to me.  I ALWAYS suspect the seemingly innocent little brats before I ever suspect the gnarly, creepy janitors. A while back I wrote a piece on how to create the perfect creepy little girl, but now it's about time to showcase the little girls that have perfected the science down to an art, and have scared the living Hell out of us in the process.  Step aside baby Michael Myers, it's time for the girls to play ball.

Okay, little girls are creepy enough.  Little girls that are from foreign countries, compulsive liars, sexually attracted to their adoptive fathers, manipulative, conniving, and willing to take advantage of a hearing impaired three-year-old...that's a whole new level of evil.  Isabelle Fuhrman was absolutely captivating in her performance as Esther and she definitely has quite the career ahead of her.

The bad news is that you've just watched a curse VHS tape and a mysterious voice on the telephone has informed you that you are going to die in seven days.  The good news is that you're going to meet your timely demise by a little girl.  Oh wait...that's also the bad news.  Not only are you going to die, but you're going to meet your maker at the hands of the palest, wettest, well-dwellingest, long haired little girl in the history of ever.  Have a nice trip, upgrade to DVDs next time and this might not have happened.

She had the voice that started a horror movie empire.  Although she passed away at the tender age of twelve years old, Heather O'Rourke has become a true horror movie icon for her role in this classic ghost film.  It's almost next to impossible to mention the film without immediately picturing her icy blonde locks in front of a static television.  While she may not have been a killer kid or even the villain, the poor thing was the target for supernatural douchebags.  O'Rourke beat out Drew Barrymore for the role and will forever live in our hearts as the little girl who cried "They're Heeeeere".

I've become a self proclaimed crusader for this British import.  The child actors in this film are absolutely horrifying, but it's little Leah that has truly haunted my nightmares.  Unlike the other demented children hell-bent on destroying their parents, Leah actually used her child attributes to her advantage by crying out "Where's Mommy" in a sorrowful voice when she was about to meet her demise.  Freak.

"Look Mommy, I'm Burning" REALLY?! REALLY?! I understand that your character was totally screwed over by her community in the worst way possible, but self-combustion after calling for your mother's affection is just downright mean.  Not to mention that poor blonde nurse that you blinded brutally. That's it little lady, you're grounded. 

Dr. Phil has nothing on Cronenberg's psychotherapists.  Basically, his therapist creation has come up with this nifty little thing called "psychoplasmics".  Psychoplasmics are when a patient allows their negative emotions to force their bodies to undergo physical changes.  For example: a man who was verbally abused by his father develops welts and the like as a way of showing his pain.  I know, what does this have to do with creepy little girls.  It seems that one of this shrink's patients, Nola Carveth showcases her pain by birthing creepy, mutated children that speak telepathically and act out whatever negative emotions the mother is feeling at the time.  While her daughter Candice isn't the problem here, all of these mutant children are birthed in her likeness...if her likeness was bathed in battery acid that is.

How many kids can say that they killed Brooke Shields?  Probably not your kids, unless you're the parents of Paula Sheppard who definitely DID kill Brooke Shields while donning a creepy plastic face mask and a rain coat.  To add insult to injury, this all happened before darling little Brookie-Poo took her first communion.  What a way to celebrate one of the biggest moment in your religious journey next to meeting your maker...oh wait.

Unless you're living under a rock or don't deserve your horror fanclub card, you know exactly who these doublemint hellions are.  The darling little Grady sisters.  Here one minute, axed to pieces the next.  Anyone who has seen these jerks are fearful every time they turn a corner to a hallway in a hotel, or sometimes in their own home.  Be do it too.

Not only was Rhoda Penmark the walking version of a Kitty Carryall doll, but she was the killer kid to start all killer kids.  There wouldn't even be a killer kid genre without this braided, blonde barbarian.  The story of this demon seed originated as a book, which then turned into a Broadway Play, which then became the Academy Award nominated film we all cherish so dearly.  If your daughter plays the piano, tap dances, and loses a penmanship competition...lock her away, now.
There's really no other option when it comes to crown the Queen of the Creepy Little Girls.  While these children have all been gruesome, evil, maiming, and downright horrific, Karen Cooper goes above and beyond the call of little girl gnarlyness.  Cute little Karen Cooper after "hurting"...ATE HER FATHER AND STABBED HER MOTHER WITH A GARDEN TROWEL.  I don't care what anyone says, our most iconic little zombie darling is by far the creepiest of the creepy little girls in horror films.

(Thanks to all of the recommendations on Facebook)
Hayley Stark in Hard Candy and all of the Albino Girls in The Village of the Damned
oh...and this girl.

This is a snippet of the film Child of Rage. Not a horror movie, and too depressingly real to be included as a killer kid flick.

...and of course Ragen MacNeil in The Exorcist, but putting her in the same playing field as the rest of these little ones is just unfair. She's in a world of her own. :)

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WOMAN OF THE WEEK: Mercedes McCambridge

As a part of the ongoing "Come on Feel Tha Illinoiz" series here on Day of the Woman, the return of Woman of the Week, and included with the Women In Horror Recognition Month festivities, I intend to shed some light on an actress who has made one of the largest impacts in horror.  

Mercedes McCambridge was a popular radio voice in the 1940's and constantly played the rough and tumble, butch female leads in films throughout the 1940's and 1950's, but it was her work in quite possibly the biggest horror film from the 1970's (if not, all time) that has made her truly an unsung horror hero.

Ms. Mercedes McCambridge was the voice of Pazuzu, the demon that posessed little Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist. What? You didn't think a woman could voice the horrifying male demon?  Well, think again.  One of the scariest, most horrific, traumatizing, haunting, and creepy voices in all of horror history belongs to a woman. 

Thank-you Mercedes McCambridge for not only being a 40's-50's cult film sweetheart, but for giving a voice to a character that has surely instilled quite the nightmares in all of us.

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In honor of Valentine's Day I've decided to do a little bit of a scavenger hunt, so to speak.  I'm going to be posting my favorite horror movie couples and it's up to you to figure out their names and what film they're from!  I'll be completely honest when I say that it won't be too difficult, and there's no prize awarded...just fun!


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I would like to get some input on things people would like to hear about, and recommendations for my anything else you'd like to see for this year's Women In Horror Recognition Month. As always you can contact me at or you can follow me on twitter

All the way back in April of 2009, I compiled a definitive list of the female archetypes in horror films.  I think that this month is the perfect opportunity to use the ol' list as an inspiration as well as using it as a platform to create the epitome of all girl-power horror films.  I do a lot of lists here on DotW (64 articles here are tagged as a list at least), but I've never done one that related solely to women and their contributions to horror.   I took to the twitterverse to try and compile this, and I'm sure we've missed some here or there...but cut me some slack. I have 20 credit hours this semester. So, on that note...LET US BEGIN.

So writers always have a conflicted relationship with the place in which they grew up, and slashers tend to have conflicted relationships with the women in their lives. Everything from poor Norman Bates and his whacked out mother or Judith Myers and her neglectful mocking older sister role to her little brother Michael. Women have the power to make people snap. Sometimes the women aren't even the ones to "drive" these men to madness, but don't do a good job at calming them down. Pamela Voorhees promoted Jason's killing spree. These women are so prominent that they are driving forces in these men's lives, even after these women have been killed off.  Just goes to show you, even after death...we're still in control :)
  • PSYCHO (Mama Bates)
  • HALLOWEEN (Judith Myers)
  • FRIDAY THE 13TH (Mama Voorhees)
  • SLEEPAWAY CAMP (Aunt Martha just wouldn't do...)
  • CARRIE (Mama White)
  • MAY (May's Mother/Her Doll)
  • WILLARD (His Mother)
Contrasting to the cankerous whores who show off their lady lumps, we have the tough, fighter types that always seem to have legs that go on for days. I think there's an unwritten rule that if you're a hot chick fighting some scary figures, you have to either be wearing a dress, a skirt, short shorts, or leather pants. I'm not sure exactly who made the rule, but I honestly can't think of an example of a bad-ass woman who didn't have rockin' gams.  
  • Resident Evil (Alice)
  • Land of the Dead (Slack)
  • Underworld (Selene)
  • Return of the Living Dead (Trash)
  • ALIEN (Ripley)
  • Planet Terror (Cherry Darling)
  • The Descent (Well, all of them)
  • Voodoo Woman (Marilyn)
  • Revenge of the Creature (Helen)

Sometimes we women get lucky and have some women that are plenty clever, plenty sexy, and plenty "going to kill the shit out of you".  Unfortunately for most of us, the women revealed as the killer is meant to be a big shock because whocouldeverthinkthelovingandnurturingwomancouldkillsomeone? As nice as it is to have a female killer, I wish it would just be upfront and accepted that the villain is going to be a woman, and she's going to kill the fuck out of you.  This isn't to say there aren't some gems that are openly female dominated, but you know what I mean ;)
  • Misery (Annie)
  • TEETH (Dawn)
  • Inside (Dalle)
  • Night of the Living Dead (Karen Cooper)
  • Grace (Madeline)
  • May (May)
  • Carrie (Carrie)
  • Hard Candy (Hayley)
  • Sleepaway Camp (sort of...Angela)
  • Cat People (Irena)
  • House of 1000 Corpses/The Devil's Rejects (Baby Firefly)
  • Audition (Asami)
  • Single White Female (Hedy)

As any man will tell you, girls tend to travel in packs. We go to the bathrooms together, we have sleepovers, we manage to go to the prom in groups and not look like date-less losers, and we have each others' backs like it's our job.  It's no surprise that horror films have discovered these bonds and helped to make movies out of it.
  • Ginger Snaps
  • The Craft
  • Martyrs
  • The Descent
  • Battle Royale
  • Worry Dolls
  • Suspiria
  • A Tale of Two Sisters
  • The House on Sorority Row

    So obviously I would save the best category for last, and obviously...Laurie Strode gets to have her picture on this entry twice. Final Girls are the epitome of female characters in horror They're the killers, the survivors, the virgins, THE ICONS!  Final Girls are the female characters that prove that women are more than just tits to kill and that we can overcome any obstacle put in our way. 
    • HALLOWEEN (Laurie Strode)
    • A Nightmare on Elm Street (Nancy Thompson)
    • SCREAM (Sidney Prescott)
    • The Silence of the Lambs/Hannibal (Clarice Starling)
    • The Terminator (Sarah Connor)
    • ALIEN (Ellen Ripley)
    • Final Destination (Clear Rivers)
    • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Sally Hardesty)
    • Frontier(s) (Yasmine)
    • Silent Hill (Rose De Silva)

    You know something, women can do more for the horror genre than just run around on screen screaming.  There are women in this world who direct some of the greatest horror films around. On that note, I close out this article with horror films that wouldn't have been possible without the amazing female behind the camera.
    • Near Dark (Kathryn Bigelow) 
    • Pet Sematary 1 & 2 (Mary Lambert)
    • Blood Diner (Jackie Kong)
    • Freddy's Dead (Rachel Talalay)
    • Ghost in the Machine (Rachel Talalay)
    • American Psycho (Mary Harron)
    • Roman (Angela Bettis)
    • The Commune (Elisabeth Fies)
    • Dead Hooker In a Trunk (Jen and Sylvia Soska)
    Let us not forget to honor the late, great, horror queen herself, Debra Hill.  Ms. Hill is quite possibly one of the most influential women in the horror genre next to Mary Shelley.  Her work with John Carpenter has contributed some of the most iconic and memorable works of horror in existence, and she was truly a maverick for all women in horror.  You can see examples of her work by watching

    • Halloween
    • Halloween II
      Halloween III: Season of the Witch
    • The Fog
    • The Dead Zone

    I guess the point of this post wasn't to create a list of how "women are better than men" or to openly shove down the throats of horror fans just what women have contributed to the horror genre.  Instead, this is just a showcase of how important women really are to horror films.  Women may be overlooked, but always know that women are absolutely vital for the horror experience :)

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    May it be the tiara, the flaming batons, or the frilly dresses, but I have quite the difficult time convincing people of my horror obsession without flashing a Day of the Woman business card.  I've gone to my fair share of conventions, film festivals, and horror outings where people look at me as if I'm some sort of leper lost on my way home.  I can't help it, I don't look like a "horror fan".  When you say the words "female horror fan", what image immediately is painted in the mind?  Most likely, something that resembles the woman here to my left.  This is Aleata Illusion.  She's a blogger, model, and filmmaker.  She's also highly pierced, highly inked, and topped with some non-traditional colored tresses.  If you were to pair the two of us together, how quick would the common man be to assume that Aleata would be the horror fanatic over myself?  I'm not writing this to be a bash on tattoos or piercings in any way, but more so to address an issue that has been irking me for quite some time.  Why is it that when it comes to women earning their "horror street cred", we have to be sexy, psuedo-goths, and tattooed?

    Now, I personally find tattoos and other forms of body modification to be beautiful (when done properly).  I only rock eight holes in my ears, one in my nose, and my skin is as pure as snow.  This isn't to say that I'm any less of a horror fanatic just because I haven't displayed my fandom on my skin.

    To the right is the image of a woman a little more recognizeable.  This, my friends, is Jovanka Vuckovic.  Jovanka is a writer, film maker, horror personality, and oh yeah...the former EDITOR IN CHEIF of Rue-Morgue magazine.  When it comes down to it, she is arguably THE woman in horror.  You'd think that with so many incredible credentials to back her up, the world would concentrate solely on her body of work and less on her 'body'.  Unfortunately, this isn't the case.  When discussing how women are viewed with the Women In Horror Recognition Month founder herself, Hannah Neurotica, she made a mention of an instance where a woman (no less) did an introduction of the two of them and spent a majority of the time discussing Jovanka's appearance.  My question is this, WHY?  Why the hell does it matter what a woman looks like, especially in the horror genre?  Where is this unwritten rule that in order to express yourself as a horror fanatic, you have to be decked out in tattoos?  Hannah is quoted as saying " You know-- its really sad that they try to label us by how we look and based on how we look as women, assumptions are made about the type of person we are. Our level of intelligence, our interests, etc. are all based on our appearance".  The sad fact is that Hannah is absolutely 100% correct.  We as women are constantly judged by our appearance, and assumptions are made solely on our outward appearance.

    This is where I slip into storytime mode, so feel free to sit pretzel style and gaze at your computer screen like a toddler. Not too long ago, I went to a little unnamed horror convention.  The second I walked into the door, it felt like I was a gazelle wandering the watering hole being sized up by the lions.  There was a heavily flocked booth ran by some of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen up close.  They were all tall, thin, inked, pierced, and rocking some of he most insane hair I'd ever seen. There were TONS of men surrounding the booth glammering with questions.  I finally peeked my way in and asked them a simple question of "What is Your Favorite Horror Movie?"  The girls looked at me blankly and after an awkward pause, replied with "SAW" "HOSTEL" and "UH...THE JASON MOVIES".  Directly to the left of these women was a booth of another set of women.  They were curvier, wearing more layers of clothing, and patiently awaiting anyone to come and talk to them.  I strolled over and before I opened my mouth a woman behind the booth squealed "NO WAY! You got a Ladies of the Evil Dead shirt from Fright-Rags?! I was gunning for one, but I didn't have the money".  From that moment on, the five wonderful women behind the table and I shared a conversation about horror and female geekery that must have lasted at least a half hour.

    The message I'm trying to give from my story isn't that all horror inked women are bimbos or anything, but that we as people tend to judge immediately by appearance.  Here we had a group of hot, inked women garnering TONS of attention simply for their looks, while a group of intelligent women were completely ignored simply due to their appearance.  The picture above is one of my head shots that I use for acting purposes.  Now answer honestly, if I were to walk into a room...would you assume that I could out-wit you in a horror trivia competition?  If you answered "Yes", you're either cheating or a damn liar.  It's more frustrating than anything to think that it takes some physical modifications to prove your fandom.  Sports fanatics can wear a jersey, but horror women have to ink themselves?  What the hell?!  I decided to pose the question out to the twitterverse.  I asked simply "OPEN ENDED QUESTION: do you think tattooed women scream horror fan more than non tattooed women?" The replies I received were varying...

    @ChadSavage: Only if they're also screaming "I'M A HORROR FAN!"

    @Nixskits: Yes. But they're usually smarter, more fun, cooler & generally less judgemental than the ones who abhor horror in all forms!!!

    @TheMike31: Depends on the tattoo. If they've got a Necronomicon in their cleave, yes.

    @KreepyLady:Some wear their horror heart on their sleeve,others incorrect chinese symbols. Then there's the anomaly of a friend who loves horror but all her tats are of sea life! Doesn't support the scene much though.

    I guess the moral of the story here is don't judge a book by its cover



    I'm super excited to announce that not only am I without school for the day (thank you snowpocalypse 2011) but today starts WOMEN IN HORROR RECOGNITION MONTH!

    I am beyond excited to announce today that I am running a joint contest with none other than one of the greatest horror artists in the damn world, Chris Zenga. Chris is the man infamously behind the "Cthul-YOU" series, "ZomBJ-C" and the man who created the image for Mr. and Ms. Horror Blogosphere 2009.

    In Honor of Women in horror month we are having a fantastic contest that could score you a print of one of his newest illustrations. We are keeping the drawing a secret for the moment but let me tell you, This is a special one that is ALL ABOUT Women in Horror!

    So, here is how you enter. 
    All February long we want you to email (either Chris or Myself)
    "Who your favourite Woman in Horror is and why."
     OR post your fave's at his site, or at mine
    We will read EVERY submission and our favourite answer will WIN BIG! 
    So be creative and be honest and let's celebrate ALL Women in Horror.

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