Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WOMAN OF THE WEEK: Laurie Holden

Laurie Holden is one of those actresses we often see in films and can only remember them as "oh crap..what else have I seen her in".  I never truly realized just how many horror related roles she's played.  Recently, she played the older sister of our favorite blonde sister duo on AMC's The Walking Dead.  However, we're more likely to remember her from her roles in The Mist, Silent Hill, and The X-Files

Laurie has a dual citizenship in both Canada as well as The United States.  Her parents were both actors and her brother is an actor/assistant director.  Oh yeah, and her grandmother is Gloria freaking Holden.  Like most children of entertainment parents, she began her career as a child.  Holden traveled the world with her family on various locations growing up and got her first break as Rock Hudson's daughter in the Ray Bradbury sci-fi mini-series The Martian Chronicles.  As it turns out, the young actress who was cast to play Mr. Hudson's daughter suddenly fell through, and at the tender age of six Laurie was thrown in to take over.  She got her BA in Theatre Arts from UCLA and there was awarded the prestigious Natalie Wood Acting Award.

Laurie is an extremely diverse actress and has given solid performances in just about everything she's done thus far. A lot of people disliked her interpretation of Cybill Bennett in Silent Hill, but I found her to be very powerful and convincing.  It wasn't until her roles in The Mist and The Walking Dead that I truly began to respect her.  I will say though, one of her eyebrows is always raised higher than the other. :)

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CashBailey said...

Yeah, she's cool and very beautiful.

I didn't dislike her actual performance in SILENT HILL, I just thought her 'stripper cop' costume was perhaps a bit too close to the game to really work on film without looking silly.

Even so, she filled out that outfit very nicely indeed.

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