Wednesday, December 15, 2010


You've seen her plastered all over my dastardly Obi-Wan's blog, The Vault of Horror, and I found it fitting to honor the leading lady of the Village Invasion for the welcome back edition of Woman of the Week.  The ever eloquent and always smashing zombie queen, Cruella Moxam has slowly been taking over the internet as we know it.  She's been heading zombie walks, posing for promotional calendars with B-Sol himself, and generating quite the army of "kittens".  As stated with an interview with the Captain herself, she's on a mission to bring tourism to Saugerties and is hoping her undead army is going to do exactly that.  From the amount of attention she's been generating lately, I think that she's been dripping from the mouths of horror fanatics everywhere.  

Cruella is obviously not her real name, but I won't dare be the one to unmask the sultry Saugerties undead queen.  She masterminded the whole Captain Cruelle character last July when she was starting up the Village Invasion, and in five months since she created the FB persona, she's accumulated over 1,500 friends. She's been featured in the local media, papers, television, and has become something of a social media phenomenon.  Armed with her trusty (and busty) captain's jacket and her trademarked Marilyn Manson-esque eyes, Captain Cruella is quite the sight to see.  Whether she's rocking rotting flesh, fresh wounds, a Vault of Horror t-shirt, or even her "side jaw missing", Captain Cruella is representing the undead army in the best sense one can.  
The Good Captain & B-Sol of The Vault of Horror for their calendar

It's not easy leading an army of the living dead, but Captain Cruella does it with style. The Captain of the Carnivorous Cadavers is a social networking mastermind, using her formidable powers to single-handedly put together last October's Village Invasion zombie crawl and December's Ghoul's Yule--both in idyllic Saugerties, New York. When she's not hard at work in her efforts toward world domination, Cruella is effortlessly cementing her position as the hottest zombie broad on the planet. Her presence grows by the day, with more public appearances than you can shake a severed limb at, plus a brand new website, Cruella's Crypt. This undead diva is definitely one to watch.

3 comment(s):

Living Dead Girl Nicole said...

Oh she looks fun!! Someone I would definitely rock out with!

B-Sol said...

My lil' sister blogger...shining the spotlight on my sinister cohort in crime! I'm speechless! Great job, BJ--you really did the zombie broad justice. The Online Mistress of the Macabre meets the Captain of the Carnivorous Cadavers. Gotta love it :-)

drumdiva said...

Fantastic! If world domination means living under Cruella's rule, then bring it on!

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