Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Around 3pm or so today, I had my very first experience with a car accident.  My best friend, her roommate, and myself were going on an adventure to buy a couch for her new apartment.  As we pulled out of my driveway, a white truck that had just driven past us, switched into reverse and floored it.  Turns out he was trying to catch up with his friend down the block, but never thought to look in his mirror for cars assuming he'd continue going straight (considering driving backwards more than 15 feet is illegal).  Regardless, he didn't look, and he smashed right into us.  I can honestly say that I've never been more scared in my entire life.  It felt like everything was in slow motion.  By some act of the universe, I noticed that his point of impact was going to be right next to me, I undid my seat-belt, and I jumped like hell into the next seat.  Next thing we knew, the door was folded in on my lap, and we were covered in window glass.  I'm not injured, except a SWEET bruise on my leg, but my friend's car is most likely totaled (RIP Gladys). 

You know when you watch a movie and you watch the people look at the camera while a car is coming in behind them and you want to scream but you know it's not going to stop the car from hitting them? That is exactly, 100% what it felt like today.  I could barely muster words to warn my friends of our impending trauma, but I could see her looking at me, while a white Chevy Truck was giving me the eye. I've always been pretty panicky about car crash scenes in movies, and that was before I realized how dead on (pun intended) their filming was.  I mean, hell, I just pulled out yet ANOTHER shard of window from my scarf as I'm typing this. 

I've made mention plenty of times before that the premonition scene in Final Destination 2 is quite possibly the scariest car wreck scene of all time.   There's something so unbelievably horrifying about the whole ordeal.  FD is famous for having some of the most unthinkable deaths in horror history, but this car wreck is extremely realistic.  To quote the movie Jawbreaker "They'll believe it because it's their worst nightmare".  That statement rings absofckinglutely true.  You watch these insane car wrecks in horror movies with trains, pile ups, logs through windshields, and our hearts begin racing a mile a minute. Why? Because this is one of the times in horror films where the actions could very easily happen to us.  What's the likelihood that a masked murder is going to kill us while babysitting because we happen to be their long lost sister? Slim to none.  What are the odds that we'll be in a car accident? Well, there's someone injured in a car accident every 14 seconds...so I'm going to go out on a limb and say the odds are pretty high. 
 My friends, this is one of those times where watching horror movies pays off.  I've seen enough terrible car accidents to know to move out of the way if you think someone is coming towards you.  When I saw that bumper rearing towards us, the first image that came in my mind was from the remake of Last House On The Left when the truck just smashes into the cop car.  While injured badly, the one who was further from impact was still alive.  That scene alone seriously prevented me from any serious injury.  If I hadn't moved over, I would have definitely done some major damage.

Moral of the story: 

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michelle said...

damn grrl! Glad you and your pals are ok!

Anonymous said...

Here's to an eventual mental recovery, BJ-C (easier said than done, eh?). Glad to hear you're safe.


Jay dune said...

I'm glad you're ok. I fell asleep at the wheel once, and the only thing I remember was hoping the car didn't explode like in movies...it didn't, and I somehow made it out alive.

Monster Scholar said...

Your quick thinking is a testament to how horror movies teach survival skills. I would have been too shocked to move!

Pax Romano said...

First and foremost, I am glad you and your friends are OK. Having been a car crash that almost killed me when I was 28, I know how scary they can be.

Jess C. said...

I'm glad you and your friends are okay, and that you were a quick thinker and hauled ass out of your seat! I know what you mean with the slo mo stuff. I was in a bad one in high school and the car ended up flipping 3 times, but it felt like it took forever. Also, I'm glad to see that you're blogging, I missed your blogs!

Carol said...

Scary. In an accident, I'm always the nervous wreck and so I find it pretty helpful if I have a list that I can go through after an accident. I'm glad that you were not seriously hurt from the incident. Hope you're feeling well now.

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