Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The time has come the walrus said, to bitch and moan about the previous year!  Hello my darling Womanizers, it has gotten close enough to the new year (and without anything else major being released before the new year), where I can make an excuse to rant about the wonderful attributes and tragic disasters in the horror world throughout 2010.

With vampire fever at an all time high, it seemed that every company was cranking out a vampire movie at the start of the new year.  While some poor excuses for cinematic experiences were spoon-fed to us, there were the few that actually made a decent impact.  Surprisingly enough, I was a large fan of the vampire flick Daybreakers.  Go ahead, throw your stones, but I found it to bring something tastefully delightful to our fanged fiends and I'll watch anything with Willem DaFoe in it...I'm including Antichrist.

In contrast, the third installment of Twatlight was released, and sane persons everywhere were suddenly overwhelmed with the desire to self-inflict paper cuts on their eyelids.  I'd be more excited for 2011 to bring the end of this shitstorm, but copying even MORE from the perfect wizard series...they've split the final chapter into two parts.  May God have mercy on our souls.

THANK MY LUCKY STARS FOR AMC.  I've gone on record multiple times on how every television series AMC creates tends to be perfection in a can.  After the epic failure of just about every horror television series in the history of the boob tube, AMC transformed the popular comic series The Walking Dead into a highly successful television series.  After only 6, hour long episodes, viewers everywhere are HOOKED and impatiently anticipating the following season.  Which we're not going to get until AMC's fearfest in October of 2011.

It didn't suck, but I'll be honest...I'm not to thrilled with this season of Dexter.  I mean, I know it's got to be difficult trying to top last season and it's heart wrenching finale, but I'm not a fan of Julia Stiles, and I'm not digging this season.  Whatever, sue me.

Just a few short weeks ago, the horror world was forced to say good-bye to one of the original scream queens and undeniable queen of Hammer Horror.  Ingrid Pitt, star of The Vampire Lovers, Countess Dracula, and Beyond the Rave, passed away on November 23rd, at the age of 73.  My sincerest apologies for not doing a write-up on her earlier, but I've never been one to know what to say during a time of mourning.

Wanna know what won't fucking die? Twilight.  Sorry, I know I mentioned it already, but I felt that making another statement might add a little emphasis.  The day I can go without having to see some little "fangbanger" desiring some glitter to match their caterpillar brows, is a day that can not come soon enough.

In remake news, the remake of the classic slasher A Nightmare on Elm Street may have been one of the worst films ever made.  Not only did they get their actors from the rejected audition tapes from High School Musical, but they screwed with the storyline, nay, THE HEART of Freddy Fucking Krueger to the point of no return.  My God.  I know the film industry hasn't been losing money to the economy problem THAT bad...but what would possess a person to destroy something so iconic and wonderful to such a degree?  What was so horrid that happened to you as a child that garnered you the skill to ruin this?!  I wish I could thank Jackie Earl Hayley, but I'm pretty sure he borrowed his voice from Christian Bale...yikes.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again...Let Me In wasn't awful.  It pains me to admit that quite possibly the greatest horror film ever made, spawned a decently stellar remake.  While it in no way compares to the brilliance of its predecessor, it did however earn Matt Reeves a gold star in my book.

Speaking of other delightful things that make me feel like cupcake sprinkles and pegasus feathers...THE SAW FRANCHISE HAS FINALLY DIED.  I swear to God if this 3-D crap was an elaborate hoax to add more films...I'm crackin' skulls.

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B-Sol said...

Nicely done!

Erin said...

it IS a hoax, it is! let me be the first to say (for the record, it's official), the biblical themes of saw will be echoed in an eighth installment...a "second coming of christ," LET IT BE KNOWN

you will hate 2011!

Anonymous said...

No stones thrown from my side of Illinois, as I thought Daybreakers was a lotta fun as well. Any movie that opens with a little girl vampire gloriously inviting death by staring into the sun gets my thumbs up!

As for The Walking Dead, I too thought it was great... until they deviated from the comic, and headed to the CDC. Then it took a nose-dive. I mean, I don't want a carbon copy of the comic (they did follow it closely, but made it bigger and better), but that ending felt cheap. If it were the 6th episode in a 13 episode run, I wouldn't have minded, but it felt lazy to me, and didn't amount to anything. If they would've given the show the same ending as the first graphic novel, it would've been much more powerful. But it's a minor gripe, as I now live in a world where there's a zombie show (and an extremely popular one at that) on the tube, and for that, I'm greatful.

Great stuff, BJ-C. Hopefully 2011, while giving you another banner year at Day of the Woman, also sees fit to give us s'more goodies amongst the crap.


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