Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It doesn't happen too often where I find myself absolutely flabbergasted by a film's trailer.  As expected, trailers tend to be filled with the best parts of the movies, leaving the films themselves less than to be desired.  To come across a trailer that leaves behind a sense of wonderment and intrigue, is the equivalent of witnessing the planets align overhead.  However, it would seem that master filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky has concocted a most suburb trailer only to be paired with a film bursting with positive reviews.  I'll be honest, I cannot remember a time when I was this excited over a film.  From what I've been picking up from trusted colleagues and internet gossip, this may be the closest thing to a horror film to take home an Oscar in years.  Natalie Portman is easily one of the best actresses of the last decade, and to see her tackle such a commanding role has completely overwhelmed me with excitement.  This film looks beautiful, horrifying, sensual, and impacting, all tied up with the grace of Cyd Charisse. 
The film doesn't open until December 3rd and I won't have an opportunity to see it until much later, (thanks to attending a state school in the middle of NOWHERE, Illinois) but I've actually been contemplating taking a drive up to the big ol' Chicago just to indulge into a quality film. I was tweeting like crazy the other day trying to nab a screener, but alas...I'll have to wait patiently like the rest of the world. Damn.

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Neurotic said...

I saw a special screening in November. Omg. It was psychologically disturbing and had me thinking I was going to go crazy for a couple of days. (I was even scared to look in the mirror). Although this isn't the type of movie I usually watch, I couldn't help but admire Natalie Portman's character's desire to reach her goal. Some may call her behavior a psychotic obsession, but I call it aspiring and driven. XD Portman is fabulous in this movie. I never knew she was such a superb actress.


I wasn't too interested in this film, I thought it might be just an exercise in artsy-fartsyism but the more I learn the more I want to see it.

I am interested to read your review when the time comes.

Spike Ghost said...

there's one thing i don't understand... WHY AREN'T THEY RELEASING THIS EVERYWHERE!!!??? are they morons or what? When you know you have such a quality film you don't keep it from people. i really want to see this.

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